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No Halloween sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by Atsui Blue Owl Flash Sale - - 40% OFF current price on all button downs, knits, jackest, and coats 30% OFF denim Sale ends Sunday 27th at midnight Seattle time. Sale includes items available through our online store only. Discount does apply to sale items. To get the discount, order online and hypenate your last name with SF (example Joe Smith-SF), send me a pm if you want to use Paypal, or call 206-849-6500 to place...
Quote: Originally Posted by nhannon Did these ever sell? Yes I bought them in june.
Quote: Originally Posted by anonymouschris i will get the measurements for you tomorrow. i am not at home this evening. do you want the measurement from the end of the buckle to the smallest hole? Yes. Thank you.
Can I have the measurement to the smallest hole?
Onvis http://www.onvis.it/
Online link http://ebm.e.bloomingdales.com/c/tag...g6Jy.BWgAgyQa/
Quote: Originally Posted by oshen no darts on 003. Thank you.
Do 003s have darts?
30 for the G-Shock watch?
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