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Quote: Originally Posted by j I have one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16812232002 Great for any type of drive - plug drive into this thing, plug in the power, then plug this into a USB port on the working computer. (Do it in that order.) We use those at work. Probably the way to go for something like this.
Wear one 7 days a week.
I'll play. This morning I was thinking about ceasing the clothing purchases for the month.
Quote: Originally Posted by mattypants NC has long been a textile (and tobacco) state due to its abundant cotton crop, until most things started being produced in asia. I saw a Ted Koppel show on Discovery channel showing cotton being picked in NC, shipped to China where it was woven, the fabric shipped back to the Ethan Allen factory in NC and combined with various other parts made in China to make a couch (now it's considered Made in the...
Interesting, thanks for sharing.
Fridays before Colts games are unofficial Colts gear days at work.. Probably 20% of the 3000 employees has on something Colts related, with lots of jerseys being worn. I bought one this past season using a gift card I got from buying my TV and only wore it on those days. I was very relieved that Jeff Saturday signed on for 3 more years this week
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Is it better than Five Guys? The mere concept seems better to me. We have Steak and Shake across the street from Five Guys. I think I like Five Guys better. Haven't been to Steak and Shake in a couple years (drive by daily..), may have to stop by sometime this week. The cheesey fries at Steak and Shake are good, but I like the fries at Five Guys better.
Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 Wow... this might be even better! It is pretty neat. I'm on week 7 now. I've never been a fan of "electronic" music, but the set beat speed and such have been nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 Hey- I hope all is well. I'm kinda stuck and I need some gear advice. I'm trying to do the linked plan to turn myself into a runner. Basically it involves intervals of running and walking, building up from an even split to full 30 minute runs. The problem is I need a good timepiece which beeps (or better yet vibrates) when it is time for me to switch from walking to running. Some of the sequences are pretty...
Sorry, looks like I edited my post right as you were replying. Jim's is down in Cincinnati. I wish it were in Indy!
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