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Would an exercise clothing purchase kick me out, like running shoes? Maybe a Timex watch?
I moved over to Chase last fall when my local bank said they were upping my monthly fee to around $4.50 or something. I had actually looked around for offers for Chase and didn't find anything at the time. I got the $100 offer the day after I opened the account. I've been happy with them. Things post online MUCH faster than my previous bank, the text messaging features and alerts are nice -- I set it up to email me when I get a large direct deposit (paycheck), and...
Good stuff!
Haven't seen an AE rep on the forums before, but give them a call or email. They're pretty friendly folks.
Quote: Originally Posted by dropbeats I have Vista. The files are in a Temporary Internet Files. I delete them after the anti virus finds them and quarentines them but then the program pops up again and finds more. It's annoying. Tried clearing the Temp Internet files? You might try to boot in to safe mode and then have Symantec run a full scan.
I had some Braeburn apples over the weekend that were pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by dropbeats Yeah they gave me a free Symantec Anti Virus program. And I keep getting these warnings pop up saying I have bloodhound.pdf3 and that it has been Quarentined. Then if I delete the Quarentined files the warnings pops up again and it keeps finding more! I ran a virus scan and it found a bunch so I deleted them and it just comes back. Are the files in your Temporary Internet Files or desktop or..? Are they...
Do you have a virus scanner program (Norton / Symante) on your computer that is reporting a file as bloodhound.pdf.3 infected? It looks like that means that the files may have malicious code in them that could be trying to exploit holes in Adobe Acrobat. Don't open the file and just delete it.
Quote: Originally Posted by j I have one of these: Great for any type of drive - plug drive into this thing, plug in the power, then plug this into a USB port on the working computer. (Do it in that order.) We use those at work. Probably the way to go for something like this.
Wear one 7 days a week.
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