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Quote: Originally Posted by citoyen thats very kind of you, but i prefer serving as a role model for future sports associated clothing buyers. or buyers of clothing that can be arguable nominated as clothing. It kept me in the club. I've looked at running shoes but held out in fear of getting the boot!
whistle tips
Must be pretty neat to see your shoes taking shape like that
Quote: Originally Posted by beansprouts1 If I don't want to do returns in the future, should I just put a disclaimer in my selling? Or just avoid selling on this forum? I have had a great experience buying/selling on this forum, and whenever I got an item I didn't like, I just "manned up" and resold it on the forum or ebay. In the future, post pictures without exception (it wouldn't have killed you to wait until you got the camera back) and...
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford Mistakes happen, its what you do afterwards that reveals your character. This one is definitely a mistake on the buyer's part. Quote: Originally Posted by beansprouts1 Is it unreasonable for me to not take it back? ... Even if I don't lose money (which I probably will) it costs me lots of time and effort. You're not being unreasonable, but the buyer is being a prick...
Quote: Originally Posted by anon Given the price of AEs, I prefer just to do the "Well I liked the fit of these, but that's a decent investment.. I'll have to think about it. Thanks for your time" Or, "I'm going to go over to some other store and try on the Alden shoes, then I'll make up my mind."
Firefox w/ Adblock Plus. Use an IETab plugin at work for our internal websites.
How many reports before a thread is deleted? I know I reported (NSFW!) this one (NSFW!) and it still exists a few days later. I know SF is pretty popular with Google. Find a relatively unique thread title and google it a day or three after it is made and you'll probably find it at the top. Spammers like that.
I also have one to give away. edit: gone Those shoes are, quite literally, calling my name (my name is the same as the shoes!). Especially at that price. Especially because I need rubber soles at work.
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