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Would Indy boots be an appropriate boot for the computer guy to wear? My "uniform" is pretty much khaki or olive or navy chinos and an OCBD or polo. I work in the desktop support group at work.. part of our job requires us to move computers around on our hand trucks and four wheel rubbermaid carts, so they could be scuffed and beat up a bit. Not quite the abuse Dr. Jones would give them, but more than the typical office worker. I might be in the executive suite in...
I used to read it pretty frequently a couple years ago, but got tired of the site. Been using /. for a long time now, 9 or 10 years I think. These days, it's mainly the article summaries and not too much of the discussions.
I like em scrambled w/ a little shredded cheese. Recently discovered that putting some hot sauce (Tapatio) on them is good. If I order them out, and I very rarely do, I'll go sunny side up.
I think I'll manage to make it through March. Would like to go through April too, but I think I'll want to get some new chinos. Maybe there will be a day or two at the start of the Month before the club starts
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus I've gotta say seeing a Honda with an intercooler strapped to the front, but not hooked up, was the worst so far that I can think of. Something like this may even be worse? http://www.ppsonline.net/airintake_FrontMount.htm The fake exhaust tips are good too.. one side dirty, other side not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Every 4 to 5 weeks. That. Even though I've scared away a lot of my hair, I still need the sides and neck cleaned up.
Check em out on http://www.charitynavigator.org/ I think that the Red Cross does good work. People in my family have been helped by them a time or two..
I like Lands End clothes for wearing to work for various reasons. They have been tempting me with 20% off AND free shipping coupons here recently. In the past it's been one or the other, but they're stepping up their game. Only 10 more days to hold out
I get on a kick and use them for a few weeks, then forget about them for a few months.. rinse, repeat. Rarely buy stuff online w/o at least scouring the web for a free shipping coupon.
A+++++++! Would read again!
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