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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 No Purchase April Club ________________________________________ IN I should be on there with a * for making it through March. Would undershirts or boxers kick me out? Workout clothes?
It's a "microblog". You pick friends / companies / other members to "follow" and you'll see their blog postings on your homepage. And people that follow you will see your updates on their homepage. All the updates are limited to 140 characters because you can post to it from your phone via text message. I've been using it for about a month, kinda interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 I made it through March but I give 2-1 odds that I don't make it through April. Let's give it a whirl anyways. Same. I was thinking of ordering some new khakis today, but I'll try to put it off. I'll try for the second month in a row!
They're comin right along!
I just signed up for Facebook this past weekend. I guess I'm still a little memorized at the work that has gone in to the site. Pretty cool, really. I had never seen a facebook profile and was expecting it to be a lot like the myspace CRAP I've seen. Was pleasantly surprised. Don't know how much I'll end up using it -- it was the guys at work that convinced me to join and it seems like a couple of them really enjoy the site.
Just keep chugging a long! First day that I did week 9 was painful. Third time was easier. I actually took about 8 or 9 days off from running in the middle there because my knees were hurting. I was ready to get back at it! Look at it.. you've doubled the time you run from week 1 to week 4! The last mix of week 5 will be a good challenge, and you'll be looking forward to the first mix of week 6!
Hmm. Ok. I guess I need to track down a pair to try on. I've been to one local Alden stockist and they didn't carry them, hopefully the other does.
Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 Thanks for the bump up. Believe it or not, I'm on week 5 of podrunner intervals and have dropped six pounds For now, it is working great! That's great! I just finished week 9 this past weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Indy's look kind of awkward with most chino's, imo. That's what I was afraid of, thanks Back to the drawing board.
Would Indy boots be an appropriate boot for the computer guy to wear? My "uniform" is pretty much khaki or olive or navy chinos and an OCBD or polo. I work in the desktop support group at work.. part of our job requires us to move computers around on our hand trucks and four wheel rubbermaid carts, so they could be scuffed and beat up a bit. Not quite the abuse Dr. Jones would give them, but more than the typical office worker. I might be in the executive suite in...
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