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Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 When I first visit and choose cloth/make a deposit? This one, IMO. That's when the purchasing decision was solidified.
Yea, April's club turned out not to be so well organized. After going through March and April, I think I'll be ready to buy some stuffs in May, so I'll sit this one out. Good luck!
If the money isn't being spent on clothes, what is it being spent on instead? What's curing your craving for spending money?
I would think that just purchasing something would be enough to kick you out. Returning the item shouldn't undo the failure, imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Still hanging in there. Would probably be a hell of a lot easier if I just didn't visit the forum for the rest of the month. That'd be disqualification on grounds of cheating!
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Not sure if this outs you since the purchase was initiated some time ago. I wouldn't think so
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi i would say that you're still in. these fit my definition of maintenance items. besides, friends dont let friends freeball Always gotta have good underwear on when you leave the house cuz you wouldn't want a hot nurse in the ER to see your dirty drawers! Being in the club last month and this month has kept me from tracking down a pair of Alden boots that I think I want.
Since I didn't get an answer on the boxers and undershirts, so I went ahead and bought them. If that kicks me out, then so be it.
His profile says he is 17. Don't call the cops, call his parents.
Keep up the hard work, Eric. Good to see someone's hard work paying off.
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