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These days, products from Optimum - http://optimumcarcare.com/index.php in particular, the Poli-Seal and Opti-Seal. My car is pearl white and my choice would be different with a darker color I think. I've tried Zaino, I've moved on.
Your overall compensation package is negotiable, not just the actual salary. I'm a long term contractor (almost 3 years now..). I get more vacation time from my contract company than the company I'm working at gives to their full time employees with less than 5 or 10 years service. I've known guys that have transitioned from contractor to regular employee and made the company match the vacation time of our contract company. Our health plan co-pay is also lower, but...
http://www.pakshak.com/waffle-weave-...l-24x36-1.html - something like that
I quit a little over 11 months ago (June 1). I woke up that morning with a cold and was coughing like crazy, and I decided that enough was enough. I used the little lozenges to keep me going, and I was done with them after about 2.5 months. Part of it was the nicotine replacement, part was giving me something to do. I find that I still want a smoke every now and then, but I've managed to resit. Usually try to find something else to do. At $5/pack (don't think...
Chrysler isn't bankrupt in that they are liquidating all of their assets and going out of business... yet! I imagine that there will be deals to be found as their dealer network is reduced by half.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano fghf is carpet bombing spam all over the site. http://www.styleforum.net/member.php?u=52872 66 and counting..
I think down closer to $125 would be an appropriate price.
Made it through two months. Time to spend some money this weekend
Grew up in Georgia and have been in Indiana for 7 or 8 years.. I've known the odd person that dipped, including an Uncle that quit a few years ago, but cigarettes are FAR more popular amongst people I've known. I think I may have tried it once in college and remember it being pretty nasty.
Quote: Originally Posted by Qzar The tuna that comes vacuum packed in those packets instead of in cans is much better IMO. I learned this trick from Alton Brown and it has definitely improved the taste of anything tuna related that I make. I saw that too and thought I needed to try the bags. I'll try one next time I stock up -- off my tuna kick right now. I usually buy Starkist packed in water. Get em in 10 packs at Sam's. Sometime...
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