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Your overall compensation package is negotiable, not just the actual salary. I'm a long term contractor (almost 3 years now..). I get more vacation time from my contract company than the company I'm working at gives to their full time employees with less than 5 or 10 years service. I've known guys that have transitioned from contractor to regular employee and made the company match the vacation time of our contract company. Our health plan co-pay is also lower, but... - something like that
I quit a little over 11 months ago (June 1). I woke up that morning with a cold and was coughing like crazy, and I decided that enough was enough. I used the little lozenges to keep me going, and I was done with them after about 2.5 months. Part of it was the nicotine replacement, part was giving me something to do. I find that I still want a smoke every now and then, but I've managed to resit. Usually try to find something else to do. At $5/pack (don't think...
Chrysler isn't bankrupt in that they are liquidating all of their assets and going out of business... yet! I imagine that there will be deals to be found as their dealer network is reduced by half.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano fghf is carpet bombing spam all over the site. 66 and counting..
I think down closer to $125 would be an appropriate price.
Made it through two months. Time to spend some money this weekend
Grew up in Georgia and have been in Indiana for 7 or 8 years.. I've known the odd person that dipped, including an Uncle that quit a few years ago, but cigarettes are FAR more popular amongst people I've known. I think I may have tried it once in college and remember it being pretty nasty.
Quote: Originally Posted by Qzar The tuna that comes vacuum packed in those packets instead of in cans is much better IMO. I learned this trick from Alton Brown and it has definitely improved the taste of anything tuna related that I make. I saw that too and thought I needed to try the bags. I'll try one next time I stock up -- off my tuna kick right now. I usually buy Starkist packed in water. Get em in 10 packs at Sam's. Sometime...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Waste of $130. Cleaning the registry will not impact performance or improve your computer in any measurable way. If they say it will speed things up, they're bull shitting you or they're morons. This. If you send me $100, I'll give you some bullshit line and tell you that your computer is faster. Save ya some money
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