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Long gone...
Quote: Originally Posted by Henry Boogers That's sad. I watched 'Pitchmen' a few times and really grew to appreciate this man's passion and talent. It sounds strange given that it it's easy to view him as a blue-shirt, bearded crap-peddler who yells, but he had a brilliant knack for business and marketing and seemed like a nice fellow. That about sums up how I feel. He had a passion for his profession and was good at it. I was really...
I buy the little single serving mixes of Propel fitness water. I mix it up in an old Snapple bottle (glass). 20 calories for 16oz.. I like the grape or lemon flavors, as light as they are, over the taste of plain ole water. I'll drink that right after exercising, and then water from my Brita pitcher when I need more.
Just got back from doing my first 5K The clock was showing about 28:20 as I ran across the line, but I obviously didn't start at the front of the pack, so knock off a few seconds. I was proud of myself anyways edit: Official results show 27:52 - I'm very happy!
Welcome to SF, John! Good that you've grown out of just the B&B!
Terrible news. Very strange for a plane to just disappear like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmy c yeah. style forum must be a damn rich place. If I were spending only 2%, I might be able to get some Hanes undershirts each month
I have a coworker that has pretty normal looking glasses that don't do any magnification. He says they're to help with the glare from the screen. No clue what they're called, but they're definitely not the yellow tint. He rarely wears them.. don't know if it's because they don't help or because he finds he doesn't need them or if he's just lazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC A side question, does anyone have a recommendation for decent (but not overly expensive) headphones for running? When it gets warm the earbuds get sweaty and slip out of my ear. I use the Sony S2 Sports Clip headphones. I put them on and don't touch them until I take them off at the end. I clip the little clip on to my collar. I've had them come out when I've tried them for weight lifting, and I don't know...
Quote: Originally Posted by theguy I just started running a couple weeks ago. I always start with about 5-7 minutes of fast paced walking on an incline, then jog for the rest of the time with some fast walking in between(when I get winded). Started by doing 1.25 miles, and now 2 weeks later im up to 2.75 miles in 37 minutes. Is that decent for a 24 y/o male with slight asthma? I take a 2-3 day break in between. Is this necessary for my muscles to...
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