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Quote: Originally Posted by obeserabbit i read that the boots might take awhile to wear in, but after two all-day wears, my ankles were rubbed raw and bloody...anyone else experience this? i'm hesitant to continue wearing them only because of the pain in my ankles. aside from that, i love the way they look though... Yea, the first time I wore mine my ankles were pretty raw. I tried to wear them again the next day and couldn't stand to lace...
I wore mine today for the first time. My feet felt great but my ankles were killing me! It doesn't help that I'm not used to wearing boots really. Sure hope they break in quickly!
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I can't even imagine how shit this stuff tastes. I tried one of those 64 calorie Beck's Lights a few weeks ago. Coulda sworn I was drinking water. Felt rather ripped off. And now a beer even lighter? Forget about it.
Good info in there, thanks.
Good bump! Thanks for sharing!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger ^^^you like that app? 8.65 today. Yep! Try the Free version first. It does the mapping and timing and such. I didn't think I'd need the features of the Pro, but bought it anyways because I thought they did such a good job on the Free. But the features have really been pretty cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Do people actually use bikes to ride to bars? I've plenty about bikes being built for bar hoppin, but never a bicycle... My cousin's husband rode is bike out to bars because he had lost his driver's license. Got himself hit riding home one night too. The settlement was much smaller because he was drunk.. I was talking to some guys last night that were telling me that in Indiana that bicycles have a...
I've done 70 minutes on my bike with runkeeper, and the battery % went down about 24%. I ran 3.5 miles the other day w/o any music or iPhone and it was kinda nice not having that junk. The iPhone can get rather miserable feeling with my shitty Belkin armband. The audio cues of Runkeeper pro are nice though. Shrug.
Eating right and exercising! Good job
I bought a Trek 7.3 FX today.. Hybrid / fitness bike. Haven't ridden a bike since my Huffy in high school. I've only taken it for a 5.8 mile ride tonight, but I had fun.
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