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Oops, missread.Not that I've ever seen, not even on dockers site.
They come in 32" lengths also, I have two 30x32 size pairs.
Black body with cream sleeves
Guess I ordered around the right time if lead times might be even a bit shorter now. ToJ1 2011 ordered on April 18th. Ribbed collar CWU (in red black ) ordered just the other night. I honestly wonder if anyone else in my state even owns a ToJ.
Should post pictures!There is an extreme lack of CWU examples, especially ribbed collar versions.EDIT: Oh wow, didn't even see the post above me.
It's partially the lighting, think you need a more color accurate monitor though too.On a somewhat related note: Does the ribbing on the A-2 or CWU always match the color of the lambskin? E.g: Sand lamb would have similar color cuffs, suede patch and whatnot? If so I could see why anything but black on the CWU would look bad. Maybe a grey leather with black ribbing would be interesting....somewhat hard to picture in my mind though.Just curious, still toying with the...
Think this ended on the 15th iirc.
Would it be possible for someone to compile a listing with picture examples of all the leather colors? Seems like that would be pretty useful.
Maybe Revolve with the 30% off for new customers.
There is:For whatever reason I like the ribber collar version more than the traditional leather. Not sure why, just personal preference really. It's actually the jacket I hope to order before drew shuts down (only for the summer we hope).
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