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Consensus on W+H shoes still: just buy your CP size? I know they have the same soles, probably made in the same factory.
No idea, but those are quite hideous and cheap. And an image in a Word file? Haven't seen someone pull that one off in awhile. You know you can upload images to the internet right? Without them being in Word files.
Well thank god orders are closed, else I'd probably want a grey BBall.
I sized down one, they're a bit snug, but I can button them up fine.Think Acrimony also has a set of measurements, not sure how similar to Context the numbers are.
Wonder if that's my ribbed collar CWU .Was somewhat surprised to get tracking this morning for the jacket mentioned above. Order was finalized on April 30th, so about 6.5 weeks again!
I sized up one to a 48. My normal size is probably closer to a 46. I think the shoulders is what gets people, the chest is fine, if not a bit big on me. The raglan sleeves are a bit hard to account for or even measure, so I think people end up with poor fitment in that area specifically. On this 48, the shoulders are just about prefect, if not borderline. Anything smaller probably wouldn't have worked, although I do wish the arms could be slimmed (not a measurement we have...
I sized down one on a pair from SSENSE, 30 -> 29. They fit a bit tight in the waist, but I can button them just fine. I'd imagine they'll stretch a bit too.
My TOJ1 came in last week. About 4 days from Korea, through customs, to NM. I need to take some pictures, nothing that hasn't been seen before though. It's a black w/digi camo colorway. Bought a stock size 48 and it fits just about perfect, so I'm pretty stoked.
Was cancelled after season 2 I believe.
I like the down, bomber-esq jacket, especially in grey (shown in black on the website). However I fear what the price tag is going to be, $800-$1000 if I had to guess .
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