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I sized down one on a pair from SSENSE, 30 -> 29. They fit a bit tight in the waist, but I can button them just fine. I'd imagine they'll stretch a bit too.
My TOJ1 came in last week. About 4 days from Korea, through customs, to NM. I need to take some pictures, nothing that hasn't been seen before though. It's a black w/digi camo colorway. Bought a stock size 48 and it fits just about perfect, so I'm pretty stoked.
Was cancelled after season 2 I believe.
I like the down, bomber-esq jacket, especially in grey (shown in black on the website). However I fear what the price tag is going to be, $800-$1000 if I had to guess .
I'd be curious to see the order times of people that get tracking in the next couple weeks. Drew had mentioned a bottleneck being passed in production a couple weeks ago, also recently mentioning the addition of more sewers.What did you order? Figure a standard colorway TOJ1 is a number of times easier to produce than a full leather.
There was a memorial weekend code, I'd assume that's what people are mentioning. Don't know of any current or active codes.
TOJ1 Tracking this morning . Ordered April 18th, so 6.5 week turnaround? Hopefully it helped that I ordered the black/black w/ digital camo. Now to wait for my CWU...
That color is beautiful
Were you allowed gunmetal hardware? When I ordered my CWU only silver hardware was an option, unless they were just out of it at the time, I ordered about two weeks ago. Didn't really matter to me though, had no preference.
Oops, missread.Not that I've ever seen, not even on dockers site.
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