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New season/restock up on Tres Bien? Maybe I'm just out of the loop, haven't visited in a couple weeks.
Shipping to the US is $20 flat-rate it looks. Good amount of pictures and sizing information though. Looks like a plain heather grey hoodie is coming out in August.
Wings + Horns website under maintenance...incoming e-shop?
The one on page 2 looks about as close as you're going to get this season.Good to see more large loop terry hoodies, dunno how stoked I am about the colors though.
I really want this. The retail price will prob give me a heart attack though.Interested to see pricing on the other stuff, hopefully they haven't continued the trend of "increase price every season".EDIT: Looks like RG put up the first delivery already:
Yeah, there were a couple things in my size last night, by this morning they were pretty much all gone.On another note: according to their twitter the F/W12 stuff will be up on Tuesday.
Damn, the first I've heard of this. Fucking finally.
Consensus on W+H shoes still: just buy your CP size? I know they have the same soles, probably made in the same factory.
No idea, but those are quite hideous and cheap. And an image in a Word file? Haven't seen someone pull that one off in awhile. You know you can upload images to the internet right? Without them being in Word files.
Well thank god orders are closed, else I'd probably want a grey BBall.
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