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^ That the black? Def on my list to get this season, steep price though....might wait till post-season sales.
Reminds me of Van Half Cabs, aka god awful.
New season/restock up on Tres Bien? Maybe I'm just out of the loop, haven't visited in a couple weeks.
Shipping to the US is $20 flat-rate it looks. Good amount of pictures and sizing information though. Looks like a plain heather grey hoodie is coming out in August.
Wings + Horns website under maintenance...incoming e-shop?
The one on page 2 looks about as close as you're going to get this season.Good to see more large loop terry hoodies, dunno how stoked I am about the colors though.
I really want this. The retail price will prob give me a heart attack though.Interested to see pricing on the other stuff, hopefully they haven't continued the trend of "increase price every season".EDIT: Looks like RG put up the first delivery already: http://rodengray.com/shop/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=7
Yeah, there were a couple things in my size last night, by this morning they were pretty much all gone.On another note: according to their twitter the F/W12 stuff will be up on Tuesday.
Damn, the first I've heard of this. Fucking finally.
Consensus on W+H shoes still: just buy your CP size? I know they have the same soles, probably made in the same factory.
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