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No kidding. I'd like to see more pictures if anyone else gets one in.
Seeing a picture of a ribbed collar CWU actually drove me to make my first TOJ purchase, dunno why, just had to have it. Still need to post fit pictures of it, had it for about 2 months but it's been typical summertime heat here in the Southwest. The thought of anyone getting a CWU in anything other than black is pretty disturbing however. White CWU? Bottle green CWU?
Have a fit picture? I feel like the fit of the TOJ1 allows it to be a bit bigger in the body while still looking quite good.I sized up to be safe and feel like despite the sizing being a little big in places it still looks great, esp since I planned to layer with it anyways.
Damn, pretty useful site. Think I've seen it once before but didn't bookmark, thanks.
There is a pair in my size...the shipping ($15) sorta ruins it though. Still cheaper to just get a pair from damn Sweden (TBS).
Jesus christ, as if the APC thread couldn't get any worse with sizing questions. Is there really that much difference between the cuts to warrant another?
Only works on sale items I think. The code is FINAL20 too I think, not FINALE20 like someone posted.
Yup, codes are sent out with recent purchases.
Ditto. I think camo is one of the harder things to pull off, and I generally dislike camo print on most things. This seasons black pants are sublte enough that they'd be fairly easy to pull-off imo. The blue, not so much.Someone who has a pair should take a shot in daylight/direct sunlight, be curious to see the difference in lighting.
They make pretty terrible winter boots...hence the "Desert" in the name...
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