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Ditto. I think camo is one of the harder things to pull off, and I generally dislike camo print on most things. This seasons black pants are sublte enough that they'd be fairly easy to pull-off imo. The blue, not so much.Someone who has a pair should take a shot in daylight/direct sunlight, be curious to see the difference in lighting.
They make pretty terrible winter boots...hence the "Desert" in the name...
Someone mentioned a few pages back that the bottom of the bombers stretch over time, initially being fairly snug.My CWU is tight atm too, but I only got it a few weeks ago (and it's 90+ here), so not much use yet.
Those look terrible imo.
^ That the black? Def on my list to get this season, steep price though....might wait till post-season sales.
Reminds me of Van Half Cabs, aka god awful.
New season/restock up on Tres Bien? Maybe I'm just out of the loop, haven't visited in a couple weeks.
Shipping to the US is $20 flat-rate it looks. Good amount of pictures and sizing information though. Looks like a plain heather grey hoodie is coming out in August.
Wings + Horns website under maintenance...incoming e-shop?
The one on page 2 looks about as close as you're going to get this season.Good to see more large loop terry hoodies, dunno how stoked I am about the colors though.
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