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Sheesh , settle down.
Model and size I believe (middle # being the size)
Thanks for the info, might give them a shot then.
Please....please don't.
^yeah the blazer and pants are Aloha Rag it looks. Think the image is just tagged horribly.
Think most sizing issues come from the top block (raglan sleeves). My shoulder measurement is 18" via the TOJ method and a size 48 TOJ1 is around the smallest I could go, the rest of the fit is fairly "baggy" (compared to my MTM CWU at least). I have room to layer, but wouldn't have gone with a size 50.My CWU size ended up being fairly close to the indicated size 48 on the chart too. So it really depends. If you have abnormally large shoulders then you may need to make...
Tried that, not much luck. Only a couple posts here even mention the store. Sounds like customs is a possibility due to Nitty shipping via FedEx.Is there a threshold on customs typically for duty charges, items over $300USD?
Anyone actually order from Nitty Gritty? Just about the only place I can find with low achillies size 40 in white. Total is 227.20EUR or $286 after VAT discount, shipping is free over 220EUR too.
No kidding. I'd like to see more pictures if anyone else gets one in.
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