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The fuck?
He seems to have put actual effort into that...so probably not trolling sadly.
The forum mangled the fuck out of your well structured post btw.Related note: I had the same sneakers in the cart and it showed $8. I had to change my country by hand or something, the autofill in Chrome didn't do that initially. You sure the country was set right?
Thought the last W+H drop was supposed to be out at the end of Sept?
Sheesh , settle down.http://corterleather.bigcartel.com/product/standard-utility-belthttp://shop.hollowsleather.com/product/belt
W+H that hasn't been released yet: http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/outerwear/products/a2-jacket-navy
Model and size I believe (middle # being the size)
Thanks for the info, might give them a shot then.
Please....please don't.
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