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pantiesnotwaterproof/10, would not bang.
When I asked (maybe in the other thread) someone from the US said they didn't get customs going through nittygritty. TBS marks the item down a ton (no customs), just got a pair of achillies from them.
Nittygritty deducts VAT and shipping is free over a certain value (more than the cost of Achilles).
What the hell, I just ordered some CP the other day.
Probably the CWU if I had to guess. Mine shipped pretty fast (like 6/7 weeks) way back in the spring/early summer.
Are there any actual pictures of this? I only see the design sketch on the Facebook page. I'd be interested though, would probably carry a less absurd price tag.
Interesting enough this isn't a colorway I've actually seen before. So I guess there are actually 3?This is the one I was talking about, wow, it does exist!No sign of it in any North American retailer yet (although the black MA-1 just went up on the W+H webstore), maybe I'll message some of the canadian shops.
So I guess they never ended up making this MA-1 jacket in the grey colorway: http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/latest-delivery/products/ma-1-jacket-charcoal Damn shame, I really liked the speckled combo they used for the ribbing. Doubt I would've paid the near $700 for it, but maybe at 20% off or something.
Well, looks like I'll be placing another order once that goes up...Was surprised how quickly they got orders out, given the fact that they were probably hounded. Place an order Monday night and it shipped the next day, should get it this Saturday .
I believe they already modify their clothing for foreign markets (see: more room for 'mericans). Although the shirt I have from Taipei fits exactly the same as my US OCBD in the same size.
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