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Almost looks navy in the second one, maybe it's just my monitor. Bit short yeah, I think it still looks fine.
Off-topic: A "recently added' images feature to the toj gallery would be useful I think. Basically a distilled "Recent Images In This Thread" section sorted by newly added.
Ugh I want a brown A-2 now, and I generally hate the color brown. Emixam's fit is partially to blame.
You've made it as far as college without a free checking account and debit card?
Nope, MA-1. The differences seem to be pretty small, but MA-1 has a full placket, no name patch and different pockets (can't see in that picture, but you can in this one: Anyone know if there are any other differences?On a related note....I sort of want a lambskin MA-1, even though I already own a ribbed collar CWU
And then there's this guy....
But unless I know the exact material make-up and manufacturing tolerances how will I ever make an informed decision?!?
^ What color did you get? Should post some pictures. I've been tempted to pick it up in grey.
Did the UU skinny jeans actually go up and in stock at some point? I just want a black pair damnit
Picked up a plum large loop crewneck on a whim during Lyonstate's sale, really like it. Fits a bit smaller than I thought but with all this talk of stretching I'm not worried. Lyonstate was nice enough to included a handwritten note and some ursa major samples.
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