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Seriously? Has to be one of the more basic articles of clothing next to a white t-shirt. Reigning Champ American Giant Alternative Apparel
Not really, but ok.
Anyone have a pair of the Foss Tugger Chinos at Blackbird?:
Almost looks navy in the second one, maybe it's just my monitor. Bit short yeah, I think it still looks fine.
Off-topic: A "recently added' images feature to the toj gallery would be useful I think. Basically a distilled "Recent Images In This Thread" section sorted by newly added.
Ugh I want a brown A-2 now, and I generally hate the color brown. Emixam's fit is partially to blame.
You've made it as far as college without a free checking account and debit card?
Nope, MA-1. The differences seem to be pretty small, but MA-1 has a full placket, no name patch and different pockets (can't see in that picture, but you can in this one: Anyone know if there are any other differences?On a related note....I sort of want a lambskin MA-1, even though I already own a ribbed collar CWU
And then there's this guy....
But unless I know the exact material make-up and manufacturing tolerances how will I ever make an informed decision?!?
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