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Glad to see the black/white hi-tops will be making a return. Not much else caught my eye, maybe the stone westpoint chinos.
My email had a different code (FWCYBER25), weird.Sucks about that $20 base shipping charge to the US, basically ruins it unless you plan to order a ton of shit.
CYC makes W+H stuff, RC is their own brand. It's basically a budget version of the same fabrics/construction.
pantiesnotwaterproof/10, would not bang.
When I asked (maybe in the other thread) someone from the US said they didn't get customs going through nittygritty. TBS marks the item down a ton (no customs), just got a pair of achillies from them.
Nittygritty deducts VAT and shipping is free over a certain value (more than the cost of Achilles).
What the hell, I just ordered some CP the other day.
Probably the CWU if I had to guess. Mine shipped pretty fast (like 6/7 weeks) way back in the spring/early summer.
Are there any actual pictures of this? I only see the design sketch on the Facebook page. I'd be interested though, would probably carry a less absurd price tag.
Interesting enough this isn't a colorway I've actually seen before. So I guess there are actually 3?This is the one I was talking about, wow, it does exist!No sign of it in any North American retailer yet (although the black MA-1 just went up on the W+H webstore), maybe I'll message some of the canadian shops.
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