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Really hard to get a picture of it, my stone and port tees just came in.Stone - a very light grey with hint of light blue in certain lighting, was worried it would be too light/transparent, but it isn'tPort - basically a dark red, lighter than indicated on the website though (I see hints of purple using my monitor)Overall pretty happy, the new T's are about an inch longer in length with a wider sleeve opening. Preferred the previous sleeve opening though.
Does the Nike site barely function for anyone else? I haven't been able to get it to work in Chrome for awhile now (can't select other colorways on products, usually can't add things to cart). Also have problems with Firefox and IE...
How do the bamboo tees hold up to repeated washing? I own a couple but believe I've only washed them once or twice.
Some items went on sale at Kith in bigger sizes from what I can tell. Bit of overlap with the recent sale, but some older items at 50% off:
I did, got one a day after my confirmation for an order during this current sale. Email originated from
Yeah, it's called a savings account.Seriously. What kind of question is that? If you think there is some risk in giving Falcon your money, why would you ask to do so?
I volunteer Distorbiant as tribute.
I just bought my CP size (40). Also just noticed the product page for the highs have a length measurement. They appear to use the exact same sole as CP, W+H etc so I'm thinking I'll be fine. Like you mentioned, pretty sure they're all made in the same place.Just from the pictures alone the GAT duplicates didn't interest me, so if someone wants to gamble on those it's up to them. Think the lows and highs are pretty hard to go wrong on, very similar patterns to CP and...
Small selection of stuff on decent sale at svenssonshop if anyone is interested. I picked up a pair of low blacks (similar to CP) for ~$120 shipped.
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