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My medium LS yummy:s2s: 17.5"p2p: 20"length: 24.5"Anyone have measurements on the new henley in large (or medium)?
Users on reddit report the color as being more green than brown: ordered a pair of timber skinny gios earlier this morning, hopefully they fit.
Mine are also a bit on the short end, but well within reason for my body. If they shrink in the wash they'll be unwearable for me though.Anyone order a black yummy? Mine looks like a very faded "black", honestly looks like dark navy in most lights. Not really a big deal though.
Signing up for their newsletter gets you a one time 10% off code too, brings the geller boots down to $324
Pretty sure you're wrong, this has been known for decades. Maybe not common knowledge, but well documented.
Trying here before going up on Grailed. Purchased new from Hunting Ensemble earlier this year, don't fit my thick thighs or waist. Measurements from Context seem to be close to the ones I measure (in inches): Waist: 32.0 Thigh: 11.25 Knee: 8.0 Leg Opening: 6.75
Mr.Porter sale might've gone live for everyone. I never got an email or anything, but showing 30% off on the front page and checkout.
Really hard to get a picture of it, my stone and port tees just came in.Stone - a very light grey with hint of light blue in certain lighting, was worried it would be too light/transparent, but it isn'tPort - basically a dark red, lighter than indicated on the website though (I see hints of purple using my monitor)Overall pretty happy, the new T's are about an inch longer in length with a wider sleeve opening. Preferred the previous sleeve opening though.
Does the Nike site barely function for anyone else? I haven't been able to get it to work in Chrome for awhile now (can't select other colorways on products, usually can't add things to cart). Also have problems with Firefox and IE...
How do the bamboo tees hold up to repeated washing? I own a couple but believe I've only washed them once or twice.
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