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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a leather dry cleaner specialist in London? I have a leather jacket from All Saints that got a little bit of face paint on it, I took it to the store but they could not recommend a specialist. Thanks
Hi, I have a decent pair of Barkers and Loakes that I bought through Herringshoes that need resoling. When I inquired with Herrings, they said resole with be £70 per pair which is a bit high. Does anyone know a good cobbler in London that I can use to resole that is reasonably priced? Thanks
Hi Looking for incotex or mabitex trousers, size 32 US or EU 48 cotton or wool, gray/navy or beige/khaki for the cotton. Please PM me if you have anything available. Thanks
Hi, In the US I used to buy Incotex and Mabitex while they were readily available online, however the pairs I had have worn out and I need some replacement dress wool trousers. I am not looking to spend the bank as these are going to be workforce trousers. Looking for a slim, modern cut. Any decent outlets? Thanks!
Hi, Ok so I've read the rules on wearing oxfords, leather sole-only shoes with a suit, but the practicality of such a combo during wet weather isn't the best. I live in London - which means every other day we get hit with a light drizzle and I find myself sitting all day with wet socks in the office not so much fun. Do people just get Oxfords with rubber soles? What do people do on a more practical side? Thanks,
Hi, I am looking to purchase size EU48 Incotex or Mabitex trouser in navy or gray - with or without pinstripes. Please PM me if you are selling anything. Thank you
Hi, I am in London - looking for a light spring/fall Mac coat to wear to work in the City. The coat should be 3/4 to be worn without a suit (I already have a proper overcoat) and should not be black. It should be dual purpose - sharp enough to wear for work, but also good to take out casually. Slim fit please. I was thinking something like this - trench or mac coat that is formal and also casual. This one is nice but a wee bit too expensive (£250/sale) Here is another...
Hi, Does anyone know when the London summer sales begin? I believe last year Selfridges and other big ones had some things running. Thanks,
Budget around £300, I'm about 36 chest. Thanks
Hi, I failed last season to find a decent slim fitting wool/cashmere overcoat to wear over a suit. As the new cold weather season is approaching - I am looking for advice & recommendations on any overcoats. Thanks
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