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I'm not big on rules but plain toe with jeans/khakis? Plus new rey last is very slick which transfer as very dressy.and then shell is a casual kind of thing...
What do you wear these with? I don't know if I have an outfit for this... any suggestion?
Lets start the discussion
Will report back after 10 to 20 wears.
Yeah value is in the eye of the beholder. I could be wrong but technically, isn't more expensive/ require more labor to produce close channel?Also, the outer soles got a curve that allow even wear from the center of the sole to the edge. I think this requires some detail to attention as well as skillful shoe makers. At $300, quite a value in my eyes.
So below are my new shoes!As for impression, I seriously think it is beyond AE by quite a margin. Closed channel, slick last, and handwelt to say a few. For the average snarky SF member, a very close look asks for better finish but it is fine for me. Shoes were very comfortable from the start. Leather is a little stiff which should require some breaking but that is not a negative.Forgive me for my lack of shoe terminologies, but what I really am impressed at this price...
Thanks for the review. Mine is hold at a fedex office near my house for pick up. Will take some pictures.
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