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Its been a while. My first pair of Meermin. Enjoy!
Wow your olfe last looks a lot more round than my olfe last. Am I mistaking??
Terrorsquad is facilitating this group buy. He posted a few posts earlier that he was going to email Meermin about a prospective group buy on the John Lobb Phillip II model.
Sorry for not being clear. What I meant was the stitching line near the laces. Instead of the stiches, it's a broguing line. Maybe my picture was not the best picture but you can google John Lobb Phillip II for better picture.
I personally think their MTO program is great, one for price, two for flexibility, and three for quality. That is their sweet spot for me
yeah the down side of buying shoes with Meermin
cheaper! we got a great deal on our last one.
it looks like we probably have 4 prospects including me for the next MTO group buy. Terrorsquad was the one who initiated the last group buy. I'm sure we will get a pm from him soon.
I was thinking with oxford, why don't we go with the more versatile Hiro last? What do you think?
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