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Oh snap ! I can't wait!!! thanks for the update!
Sorry if I missed the latest update on Carminas but when do you guys start putting them up on the site?
I feel like this kid is a troll for some reason. Someone can go ahead and cuss me out though:D
I apologize of my humble opinion offended you but I feel like if your pants were a little more tapered at the ankle it would be perfect since your jacket seems like a slim fitted one.
What's the lengh of the jacket?
Thanks for the quick reply !
Man that sucks... Another agonizing weekend of waiting for clothes
Haha i did the 2 business day shipping for 25 bucks. What's another 25 bucks when you spend 500 dollars?
Thanks for the quick reply. Is that from the bottom of the collar?
May I ask what the total length on the jacket? Thanks.
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