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You have lower right shoulder, which is common in most men, that causes wrinkles underneath your arm pits in the back. To remedy this, take it to a competent tailor to add shoulder pads.
jacket looks great!. Pants not sure if because you're leaning like a cholo
blue! it has more definition if you know what i mean
+1. In addition to having the best service with prompt and professional responses, Kamakura produces shirts that fit me perfectly, no need to take to the tailor. In term of American size, I think they will dial it in perfect on the next batch of design if they are aware of SF feedbacks. Overal they have earned a new customer for a very long tim as long as they continue to keep up the quality and price ratio.
Is THIS some kinda of joke? TGIF [[SPOILER]]
old mem stuff haha just kidding
i can see with cotton, linen or casual suits your way, still, my pref is side adjuster
All my suits are without belt loops. side adjusters only.
I prefer the left one for the shape. The jacket in the picture on the right has no shape whatsoever.. speaking strictly from looking at the pictures of course. Also, it looks like the one on the right might have the collar gap symptom.
Shoose and tie matchy matchy on purpose? [[SPOILER]]
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