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concerning the ever sought-after top knot: is it possible to grow a proper one from this: I always tell myself I'm not going to trim the sides, but I can't stand the messiness. The top has been growing since February and I cut the sides myself a couple weeks ago. Probably 3.5" on top and around a #2 on the sides.
$60 + actual shipping.
Sterlingwear, traditional black, size 40R, 'Authentic' peacoat. I've worn it for two winters, but will be moving to warmer pastures, so my gain is your gain. No defects, stains, rips, etc... Very good condition. I wear the collar 'up' and it stays put just fine. You can figure out the sizing for yourself, here: I'm 5'11'' 165 pounds-- I bought the coat slightly large to allow for layering (it's cold as fuck where I live). If you're a regular guy with regular...
the blue suede DB's are jizz-worthy. and re: DB's looking "beat-up"; once you put a single coating of Obenaufs on them, they look 50 times better and look brand new. Plus, who gives a shit if they aren't perfect? Are you going to keep 'em in your closet and stare at them, or actually wear them...?
hmm... didn't realize my Corter belt had come all that far-- until I see those pictures.
those BA's I posted a few pages back were all $55 @ Nordstroms, so you might wanna stock up on the $30 and sell them or just wear them when you need a new pair!
I'm growing mine out for a topknot right now... I taper the sides from a #1 to a #5, and never cut the top. It looks sort of ridiculous, but forunately I quit my job, so now I'm wearing a hat all the time now
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform Well, judging from some of the responses in this thread, yeah, you can buy it already in stock or you can wait to see whether you'll get an email response in two months or so. That's one good reason. Last time I bought something, I got in like a week. Didn't even know Eric sold through other people...
You can always buy the cheaper shirts at any of these stores and have them tailored for a fraction of the cost of the more expensive brands listed above...
I'm thinking about selling my two year old Sterlingwear peacoat in excellent condition-- any idea on what I should be looking to get for it? (feel free to PM me if you're interested... I'll be make a thread in B&S w/ pictures within a week).
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