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Quote: Originally Posted by sayaret those are awesome, i don't think i've seen full leather chucks before. where did you get them? I got mine on ebay. Ordered them about 10 days ago so I should get them any day now
My problem shopping in Japan was that the shirts/cardigans/whatever didn't get longer when I went up in size, just bigger. So I couldn't really buy anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by Histrion 4) Salmon can be made quickly. I do this thing where I put the filet skin side on the pan with a bit of olive oil. Then I turn on the heat to high. Sounds like it will be very oily. Why not wait until the oil is hot before yo put the salmon in? And trout is as easy to cook and tastier. Try some trout, OP! Curry paste can be left in the fridge for at least a week. Can be used to make loads of good food...
Quote: Originally Posted by DBoon ... Samurai How are the Samurai? I'm thinking about buying some the next time I'm in Tokyo,
Indian soup with mung dahl and authentic pita. It was very good. And I made enough to freeze a few portions too. Always nice to fill the freezer. Students don't always have enough time to make home cooked meals. Today I ate North-Pakistani chicken.
Cuba libre with Hava Club and a Duvel. I'm in a very good mood
Quote: Originally Posted by TheFusilliJerry [IMG] ... I like most of this. Too bad J.Crew won't ship to Norway
Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle tight tshirt, fitted jean, and sleek casual shoes. I agree. At the clubs I go to you would be laughed at in a blazer or more dressy shoes than sneakers. Nice jeans, t-shirt, very thin cardigan and nice sneakers should be more than enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley What's wrong with sitting while you pee, particularly when you stumble to the bathroom at 3am with a hard-on? I would think that aiming is the last thing you would want to try to do. But it's not like I ever done it or anything... Doesn't your cock touches the inside of the toilet bowl when you have a hard on and sits down to pee. That's disgusting! Be a man for fucks sake. Just learn to aim....
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