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Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint i dunno, but minkoil created this, which is what sent me on a mad frenzy to find a pair: VERY nice! I have to buy a pair of beeswax now! (And mink oil)
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I like gap socks, they are cheap, nice and relatively high quality. No international shipping. Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Old navy socks go on sale often for dirt cheap (like $2 a pair) and they've held up longer than my Urban Outfitter ones No international shipping. Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Try here for some...
I'm thinking about trying out some more fancy socks with streetwear and would love some inspiration! What kind of socks do you wear? Any interesting patterns or colours? (I've already checked out the sock porn thread over at men's clothing, but it doesn't really show streetwear and socks. ) I'm also looking for a web store with a large selection of nice socks, at a reasonable price and with international shipping. (I know there was a thread about this a long time...
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. =] Mink oil Is this better than silicon spray or something similar?
How well does the beeswax model stand up to rain and snow? Can I use some water resistant impregnation spray on them? Used a lot of sued before, but I'm new to beeswax.
Quote: Originally Posted by Musselma I put size 9 JP insoles into a pair of 9.5 chucks and they fit perfectly, but YMMV A bit hard to try this as no-one sells JPs in Norway. But it seems like a fast way to make the chucks more comfortable. Maybe I'll figure something out.
Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon Werd. First pair of Chucks in years... pretty much gave up on them until I found out I could rip the insoles out and swap in some JP ones. (Thanks for the tip, SF!) First pair of leather ones ever. You just change them for a pair of insoles from some JPs in the same size? Couldn't find the tip when I searched.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Technically, APC NS are entry level raw selvage denim but i'm assuming you want a japanese company. Most of these jeans are over $200 though as most all of the japanese repro company jeans are. Skull 5010 6x6 are sold at self edge, Blue in green, and some other sites. Slim fit, maybe slightly more so than APC NS with really nice looking denim. There have been issues with stitching, but some have good experiences,...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug What is your price range, what kind of fit are you looking for, what is your style like? I was hoping to pay under $200, but I don't know how much quality I would get for that. I will pay more if it's necessary. I don't really know that much about fits. Maybe similar to APC NS? My style mostly consist of solid colour tees and shirts with cardigans.
I'm thinking about investing in a pair of entry level raw japanese selvedge denim. Which brad and model should I look in to? There is too much to choose from.
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