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How can you guys drink Kirin? It just tastes of water. If you're in Japan an that's the only beer you'll get in 0,7L I understand why you'll buy it (I did too), but it's not very good at all. I'd never buy it here at least. At least Sapporo and Ashai tastes a bit like beer.
Those jeans almost looks as stupid as the kid I saw yesterday with evisu jeans with a giant red seagull and elastic bands on the leg openings. Ridiculous!
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident The new keffiyeh fad. Shouldn't it be 'the old keffiyeh fad'? People have been wearing it for some time now. Let's hope they stop soon. Actually they've stopped wearing it here in Norway, even the socialist radicals. Yay!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bouji I think part of it may well have been lack of research. ... Jack of all trades, master of none. I don't really understand the comparison between Tokyo and London. Why didn't you go to Kyoto if you wanted architecture and sights? Tokyo haven't been the capital for that long, so of course it doesn't compare to London. And do you travel to stay in luxurious hotels? What I liked about Tokyo is how crazy it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus If you can find a black pair that would work but if you're going to go the other way then go all the way then get the sand suede. beeswax might look a little funny/bland. I've been thinking about sand, but I'm not sure how well that colour would work in the winter. They'll get extremely dirty and generally just look foul. Maybe I'll just have to go for black suede. Thanks for your opinion
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus All I can say is that Navy would probably not work because the rest of your get-up is so black...unless that's a Navy peacoat that just looks black in the pic. It's black. Thanks for the advice, and I think I agree. Probably just have to wait and see if some beeswax ones comes up on ebay
Quote: Originally Posted by BOF Consider yourself phenominally lucky. I took out the max I could in federal loans this year, and am working a research fellowship (paid) to the max number of hours I can, and just found out that I'm still going to have to find a way of coming up with another $6000 per semester. You have to pay interest while you're still in school? That's just wrong. Even private banks here don't make you pay interest or start...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - congrats on your first post (always the hardest) Thanks! Hopefully I'll learn something and improve. At least I'm allowed to criticise other peoples fits now, right? Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Great fit, as always! Nice contrast between the texture of the tie and suit. Quote: Originally Posted by Jupiter...
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu I'm guessing his situation might differ from yours though... That may be. Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo damn, i wish it was like that in sweden aswell. Here they are like vultures as soon you dont take any courses to get you to start pay back. And no 60% either... the only thing you´ll ever pay is interest pretty much. I thought Sweden was better than Norway on social...
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe But loans aren't free. Her in Norway you only have to pay back 60% of the loan if you graduate on time. So 40% of the loan is free. And the interest is extremely low anyway, and i probably don't have to start paying them back until a couple of years after I graduate.
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