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Quote: Originally Posted by Les Baconnets I think these Cavalli jeans rock. The wash is supposed to look like that. That is the CONCEPT. If they're ugly, it doesn't help if they're 'supposed' to be that way. Also: It's a f**king guy on your ass.
Zara AA Acne Desert Boots
Quote: Originally Posted by chiral Madness, British colonialism is the coolest. Afghanistan + India = Rubbish! History of European integration from 1945 to early nineties (EU) is much more exciting! Or maybe that's just because I study political science with specialisation in the EU?
I just try become better dressed. Right now I'm into dark colours, primarily black and charcoal and a white contrast. Just trying to be basic for now. Try to move on when I have a better idea of style. I don't know how good it's working, but at least I feel comfortable with what I'm wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mushroom77 Hehe just year 11 (penultimate high school year down here in Aus) Modern... Causes of World War One. Not sure if I'll do History at Uni yet. Try Joll, James (1984). The Origins of the First World War. Edinburgh Gate: Pearson Education Limited. It should tell you everything you need.
I tend to avoid girls like that. What good can come out of getting back with her? She'll probably seriously fuck you up. Just make sure she sees a psychiatrist.
We don't have any buskers at the subway here in Oslo, so I guess I'm in luck. But we do have loads off people from Eastern-Europe who plays the accordion badly, everywhere else. Even on the University Campus. Never seen anyone give them money. Only thing they do is creating resentment for foreigners and increase the vote for the far right party :/
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Is there somewhere close to you that sells Burberry trenchcoats? There are plenty of manufacturers of trenchcoats other than Burberry, but Burberry is "the original" and they do make a very good trenchcoat. I would recommend that you go and have a look at one, try them on, find out your size (ie do you want to wear a coat underneath it or not, and if so how does that affect the size of trench that you wear) and...
Quote: Originally Posted by ClassicGarnish I think I'm gonna stick with my sterlingwear in navy blue this year. Unless I find something else I like that is. Not sure what I was going for with that pose.. Nice jacket! Hope I'll find something similar.
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