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Quote: Originally Posted by soulstylist [...] Laszlo boots (not Vass!) Love the boots. Where did you get them? I need something that will stand up to the Norwegian winter.
16 in my bedroom in my parents house. Home alone. Was a bit awkward to explain why I suddenly decided to wash my sheets to my mom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus Alden Wingtips. I posted these same shoes on page 2. Check out the Alden of Carmel site to learn more. Extremely nice, but regrettably too pricey for me
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 in order: 2. What are these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx Another option: And you're gonna go clubbing in those? 'Work boots' doesn't automatically translate in to 'cool work wear boots' that you should be going clubbing in.
Duvel. Really nice strong Belgian beer, with a hint of apple. AND Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier. Brilliant!
Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider ^^Gothic Ninja...Viking? Nice coat, mate; what is it, exactly? And may I ask the general price range? Was hoping no-one would call it gothic . Is it really? But ninja is always good :P It's by a Norwegian brand; Johnny Love. The Model is Sylvester. Price is about $500-600. Less for the non-waterproof models.
Johnny Love Acne Clarks
Give her a pearl necklace?
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