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I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway. I go to the biggest university in my country. But it's still a rare treat when I see someone I think is well dressed, or would be by SF standards. Maybe that's the problem? Hanging out here makes you very picky. But much of the looks I've seen here are just unheard of. Never even seen someone in real life trying to pull of goth ninja. The people who try to make the impression that they care are kind of fat and in cheap mondays whit...
I like the fit of my APC NS much better than any of the nudies I've ever tried. Fading abilities on my APCs have also been good. The discreet branding of the APCs are also preferable.
No. But I havn't even washed my APCs yet, so they're not much to brag about. Yet.
I want a pair of skinnier jeans Acne Max Cash, in overcoated black. Any suggestions? Dior 19 cm could probably do they job, but I think they're too expensive. Tried on some April 77 dictators in some kind of washed black, and kind of liked the narrow hem, but the color was wrong. Having trouble finding the black ones (Intensity?) in online stores. Why is there so little info on April 77s on SF? Appreciate any help!
PM Eason:
The Economist! Don't know why so few of my fellow students reads it.
About 8. I'm a student, and doesn't have to be anywhere before 10 anyway.
Could you measure the waist all the way around?
GT (Bombay Saphire)
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