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Quote: Originally Posted by larry! Seconded on the Zara, I've really wanted to get one of those cardigans for awhile, but I'm too lazy to go back to the store for it.. I have one of those too. Love it. But it wasn't in there store the last time I was there. Hopefully they'll have some new ones in similar style for autumn.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 I'm another fan of Unlucky's belts, he did a reproduction of a SC belt for me and it's awesome... His work looks great, but someone wrote "expect a little bleeding from the backs of your belts" and that makes me a bit skeptical. Should I be? Or isn't it really a problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman My best casual belts are from here: I don't think he has black buckles, though, and he's a one-man operation, so I don't know if he'll ship to Norway. If you like his aesthetic, you should ask. Wow! Those are beautiful belts. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely try to find out if he ships to Norway. Need a black belt with nickel buckle too....
I have problems finding good looking belts, so I would love some suggestions on godd belt styles! More specifically I'm looking for a black leather belt with a black buckle. Preferably from a store that ships internationally (I live in Norway). Please help me. First post so please be gentle. Searched but couldn't find many threads on this topic.
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