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Quote: Originally Posted by mojo2488 Hi guys, Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on full outfits to go with braces? I was thinking maybe skinny jeans, plimsoles/ retro high tops with shirt? any variations on this or other suggestion would be much appreciated. Non prescription eyeglasses is also required!
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami The girls on SZ always look incredible. The guys all look like pirates. What is this "SZ" you're talking about?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Pedophiles group dinner. Guy on the right dress like he wants to play in a german industrial metal band. Only worse. All the others looks good, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by whistler Fit for Australia Day tomorrow Shirt is tight. Shorts are too long and doesn't really fit with the more dressed up look of the shirt. Sandals are ugly. Either change to a t-shirt, or get some more well fitted shorts and maybe some boat shoes.
Filippa K have great basics and the quality is good imo. Acne is more quirky, but fun when it works.
raf by raf acne
Out clubbing last saturday ... mjk x faranelli april77 raf by raf
Quote: Originally Posted by MonkeyFresh i shouldve done this weeks ago, but im in a bit of a bind here Im off to study in Europe, and leave this coming Thursday I'll be staying in Paris, France ... i need more items that can serve to layer in the cold and look great in warmer weather and I leave Thursday, please help! Paris can be both rainy and cold during spring. February can go as low as 34 F. You pretty much have to bring a...
Acne and Filippa K is consistently nice, I think.
I'd start by shaving. With the oakleys you look like a wannabe douchbag.
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