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Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Any general advice on how + when to wash my blue APC NSs for the best visual effects? I've been wearing them for 6 weeks now 5 days a week NS bleeds a lot when you wash them, more than the pairs of japanese denim i've had. So it depends a lot on how much contrast you want. Quote: Originally Posted by -Stylist- hey guys im in the market to get a good pair of jeans i was looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Humperdink It's all about the Boon the Shop outlet in Yoju And take some time exploring the small botiques around Daehangno and Samchongdong areas - the clothing there might still be overpriced, but you'll find some interesting vintage and brick-n-mortar stores hidden in the strangest places with some good deals compared to department stores. Plus, it'll be a fun way to spend an afternoon. I really like...
Quote: Originally Posted by minimalist Being on the pale side myself (I disappear in front of a white wall) I am not really happy with that v-neck showing so much skin... If I were to wear this outfit, I would try it with either a less deep v or even a crewneck... This would also allow more of it's colour to be seen when the hoodie is zipped up You may be right about me showing to much skin (I wanna be out clubbing, not studying), but I'm...
Another Monday at Uni:
Quote: Originally Posted by that girl good afternoon boys, it's so nice out today! "mini mac" rag&bone cropped trench madewell tee underneath; jeans kors wedges Stacking seems a bit off.
The wash of the jeans and the belt is terrible too.
I have a mock pull over, but it's not getting a lot of use. A bit space man, as some guy above me said. I do like it though. It's just hard to find an occation to us it.
Quote: Originally Posted by allure Wear what you want. Make it cool. Where I'm from we only get about 2 weeks a year where a scarf ISN'T necessary yet there is stigma attached to wearing one. It's never stopped me. Scarf isn't nessesary unless it's below zero degrees centigrade. Do you live on the north/south pole?
Some off the episodes where very interesting, but there are limits to how interesting Top Shop and M&S is. And why waste time on casuals? Street and Rebel were especially interesting.
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