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It really depends on the model/season etc. I own 2 pair, here are some measurements to give you an idea:size 27black ss13 95%co/5%polyd02 w/sk-lwwaist 40.5-41front rise 20hem 14.5thigh 24.5size 28washed blue aw13orss14(?) 99%co/1%elastaned01 w/sk-mwwaist 38-38.5front rise 23.5hem 14.5thigh 24Both fit me pretty well, even though the measurements are different in the waist/rise. I've also tried a pair of lightly destroyed washed blue, which had a hem of 13cm and the fit was...
You should check this out. vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-slim-fit-japanese-double-rider-mto
Is size S gonna be the smallest size? Pretty sure I'd need a 'Junya xs', 5'11/125lbs here.
Going to order a suit soon, but still can't decide on which fabric ;[. It's going to be my first suit, so I was thinking about black, navy #12 or black herringbone, which one should I get?
I'm going to order a suit soon, but I'm not sure about the fabric/color yet. I want something very dark/close to black, should I go for charcoal....or..?
Does anyone know the difference between petite standard and new cure? Is the petite standard as tapered as the new cure but roomier in the thigh?
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