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How is giving you he is from a very specific area of a state speculation? I have no authority nor do I want to claim authority. Watching you guys fighting like kids amongest each other after someone else has scammed you out of over 150k and living a lavish lifestyle overseas made me so sad that I had to chime in.Forget it. Do whatever you guys will.
Do I come off as someone who wants to BS you or anyone else. People keep asking where Drew is from and someone a few pages back posted that he went to Mizzou and that was largely ignored followed by people suggesting he is from LA or even Australia.People think they will get either products or money while remaining civil, that has not happened and will not happen.Mizzou keeps record of everyone who has attend school there.
I am not going to divulge his family's info, but you guys can't be this sad.
Jesus Christ. Read my post. I had no vested interested in TOJ, not now, not ever even during my haydays on SF. Never found it appealing or special. How else you think I can get that type of specific information, put 2 and 2 together.
I am not BSing you guys here. I know, Take it however you will. I refused to post in here but then you guys are so pathetic that I decided to offer some genuine help. All I see is useless bickering and useless pieces of information. Read posts by Ter, Mauro, Idnfl, and me if you really care about your money. Everything else is completely and utterly useless.
PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST, read my post on the last page. I am feeding you guys information, and yet all of you have ignored it. Stop asking these ridiculously useless questions, take actions. Now I think none of you wants your money back or even try.
Are you people that delusional? You are not going to get your products delivered nor are you going to get a refund, the money is gone and funded trips to 3-Michelin Star Restaurants, 3 BMW M cars, a condo complete with renovations. Read my and Ter1413's posts for God's sake.
It has been a few years since I posted on SF, but watching this saga unfold makes me cringe. For those who have outstanding ToJ orders, pay attention: 1. Drew is from the United States. To be specific: Overland Park, Kansas. He went to Mizzou around '03/'04. Do your research. 2. If you really want a refund, stop dissecting and speculating, go after him legally. Have one person populates transaction information, one person seeking legal approach, one person searching...
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