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I have the Crate Squires and they're my favorite pair of jeans. The denim is different than my Hamiltons, more "blue". I went true to size and the fit is perfect for day to day. Slim without being tight. My Hamiltons (same size) are a bit tighter. Hope that helps
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I would hate to think what a hi-top oxford would look like.
The prices seem the same as they were earlier today to me?
How long do you want? I'm pretty sure you can find 60"+ laces all day long at Target/Wal-Mart/wherever
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny d Just had my APC's hemmed and the tailor decided to press them as well. Now it feels like they haven't been hemmed at all. Is this just due to the fact that I need to reset the stacks with wear? You regained length that had been taken up by the creases
Is chainstitching just for that added repro effect or is it actually better? I remember ringring said it was stronger because it uses more thread, but I've also heard that it doesn't really add anything to the jeans. I've got a pair of jeans (already) that need to be hemmed, but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra few bucks for chain stitching the new hem. I stack, so it's not like it'll even be visible.
Those seem a bit loose. The fit is doable now but they'll stretch
Cranking one yourself is for peasants. Get your friend to jack it for you
Ande Whall. I think he has sizes up to a 38" standard and you can request up to a 44" inseam for 25 bucks more.
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR No it does not. It happens with unsanforized jeans. It has never happened to any pair of jeans I have that were raw or not if they were sanforized. Also, I think you will find that most, if not all, jeans with a zipper fly will not have leg twist too. Having an unsaforized jean with a zipper fly would be a terrible idea because everything would get shot to hell after it shrinks.
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