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hafta hafta have the print pants
it couldn't come through i guessyeah, the charcoal did not seem pretty to me until i saw it lit here: http://www.takanna.com/item/tq-154/& by then it was too late
I personally can't wait to look like a sack/tablecloth in SS14. However, my real content is to ask if anyone has leads on an XS LDT jacket in charcoal or grey? Nepenthes told me no NA stockist received the latter in that size, so I'm trawling JP sites ...
here's the FWK shot which hopefully doubles as an image of me in the future
I put out the invite but not a one came courting.Or was that your way of saying I beat you to it?
gary yr mailbox should have me in it
Everything is really inane & yet -- I love it? Come get me whoever wants to sell me the grey Truman with the orange/brown? windowpane. The FWK zipback red ponchoparka is dreamy too.
New Posts  All Forums: