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Yeah in November you should drink their Stille Nacht, not their Bokeun
Marriage material.
Running outta natty light... * Dutchsky BA Zombier: needs a lot of time to mellow out. Not good rn. * Bourbon BA Goliat: original version is better. * Mikkeller Bad Worse: so freakin good...
Truly remark-able beer. New bottle opener me brother brought from the French Riviera... http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/emelisse-white-label-imperial-russian-stout-makers-mark-ba/286923/
Back on schedule...
Hi guys... In my new flat!.. You never know how lucky you are to have good mates until they help you move!.. Yesterday - celebratory beer... Meh... http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/omnipollo-agamemnon-bourbon/343478/
Outrageously barrel aged fav of mine.
Needed this...
BBD 01 NOV 2015. Not as good as yesterday's...
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