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Pannepot 2010... Time to buy a crate and fucking cellar it meself for a couple... Taste evo is remarkable, in a very positive way!..
Post # 3... Good stuff!!..
Sharing is caring. Struise/ Mikkeller collab beer. http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/struise--mikkeller-elliot-brew/78016/
4x Tsjeeses Reserva (no date) 5x Tsjeeses Reserva 2010 2x Pannepot 2010 2x Stille Nacht 2012 4x Stille Nacht 2013 2x Elliot Brew 1x Aardmonnik 2008
With me mate... Having some pie, watching Trailer Park Boys.
(Still can't edit my posts...) You don't need food when you're drinking this...
I still can't resize pics - I have no editor visible. Is it only me?.. Anyway... Delicious beer this!.. http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/de-dolle-lichtervelds-blond/6877/
Cantillon for Ken P, Plead the 5th for me
Yesterday, shared at a BBQ. Good stuff!.. No thumbnail as I can't seem to use the editor right now...
I'm interested...
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