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This is insane... 15 % and packed with HEAVEN...
Hanssens - most sour stuff in Belgium!..My mate just shipped a bottle of this to me... Way excited!..
Refreshing!.. Only 5.2%?.. Unbelievable!..
Yes I do - it has actual reviews. Beer Advocate is like an asshole verion of RB to boot.You should look into leaving the pictures out of a post when quoting btw...
This one is on my granddad, who's currently at the hospital because of a cerebral hemorrhage.
I've been trying Mikkeller beers and so far their collab with Brewdog, the I HARDCORE YOU brew, stands out. I have a ton more to try, though...
Loved that story... And made me way excited realising I have an Aardmonnik 2008 to be tasted soon
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