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If you're near Gent or Bruges ever again, PM me... I'm 20' from Gent, and 40 from Bruges... SF folks are always welcome... I offer good beer and a delish vegetarian dish
That's not a "probable" mistake - it's a mistake worthy of being decapitated
There were 3 bottles of Lou Pepe left, and plenty of Saint-Lamvinus I almost took the leftover 3 Pepes as well but thought about the disappointment of the next lad looking for it and didn't... PS: where will you be in Belgium?.. Long bitter aftertaste (dark, pure chocolate taste). Rich and creamy. In short: FUCK YEAH!..
Then re-visit 'm... Geuzes are an acquired taste but they're the best Belgian products... Oh, and:
Now I'm craving for a Grand Cru... This'll have to suffice
How does it compare to a regular Belgian geuze?..
Picked this'un... Sealed with black wax!.. And poured a black beer with a tan head... Which I emptied in the sink after half of it... Very poor in the nose, unbalanced and way too boozy (whiskey, not bourbon)...
So the guy that's hooking me up with a bottle of KBS says he's adding 5 other beers... So far he has come up with 4. Looks promising
Well going by reviews on RateBeer it's quite good innit?.. If you have better stuff though... I'm all ears
Cans or bottles?.. Put one on the side for me
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