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I can't get no (carbonation).
Seriously so good... And fresh... Bottled July 2016... http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/de-dochter-van-de-korenaar-la-renaissance-gold-1-1-2-year-barrel-aged/328960/
Finally scored some Cuvée Gaston & Armand!..
Local sour... Really good...
Progenitor is my fav CS beer of the ones I've tried so far.
Warm warm arm warm warm warm
Smell > taste. Bit too light bodied for 7.8%. Still a phenomenal offering.
Dieu du Ciel... They've yet to disappoint me... Mix of an IPA, dryhopped saison, and a sweet tripel. And 10.2% = perfect (at 341 mls, crazy Canooks!)...
Not my fav style, the Flemish Old Brown (despite being named after my region), but this ticks all the boxes...
Dupont x Lost Abbey collab saison. I like it, but somehow it doesn't feel balanced.
New Posts  All Forums: