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And another Nogne O beer... Fantàstic stuff!.. http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/bridge-road--nogne-o-aurora-australis/198208/
Yesterday: Nogne O's Imperial Rye Porter. Excellent. Today, whilst preparing falafel pizza: fresh Cantillon geuze (01 Feb 2016). Excellent.
Smooth as silk...
Not 100% my style, but fucking bonkers nonetheless.
New glasswear...
Last of me 2008 R8s... When you're ready, put your foot down.
With my brother, who's leaving for Iran again tomorrow... No beer for him next two weeks!..
http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/dunham-assemblage-no1-cru-paysan/418347/ Well... It's 5.5% and it's downright mindboggling... I fuckin love Dunham... Brett, oak, vinous, some sweetness, long bitter finish (slightly too aggressive for my likings)... If you're looking for a beer to write a 500 words review on, this might be the one... Or you could just shut it and drink it, like I will... now.
Fridge turd... Lots of orange (zest), light body, bit of a mess really.
Last 30+ C° day of 2016?.. Looks like it... Celebrating with Tilquin '12.
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