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The only Belgian beer that can compete with the American imperial stouts...
Busy Friday with mates... Excellent Dutch stout!..
Wow wow wow - great stuff Nicky!..
5cl. Duvel distillate. They were promotional material... Got a shitton at work when they dropped the product. No English version but click here for more intel:http://www.duvel.com/nl-be/duvel-distilled
Hanssens make the most sour geuze (and fruit lambics)... I'll re-visit the geuze on Sunday and let you know about the carbo... I know their quetsche is completely flat, though... Kriek Boon: try the Boon Oude Kriek... Reàl Kriek... Unfiltered, not sweet. Fantôme Coffee Ruby is pretty nice, nothing spectacular imo though...
Pretty good - I prefer the Vintage though...Tsjeeses Reserva. Least appealing in the "series"...
Corked beers: horizontal (fluid expands cork, no oxygen can come in). Capped beers: vertical. So in the pics of the new Cantillon storage room, you see all (corked) geuzes are laying flat for that reason...
Spoiling meself... The Hopfenweise is one of the highest scoring beers when looking at price/ quality. 2 € for a .5 l bottle... Amazing. Tsjeeses PBA 2013 - fresh batch. Always delivers.
Had some bad experience with 'm couple of years back.De Molen beershop does this as well. Always nice.
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