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Great evo.
1) Meh... 2) Better but not convincing... 3) Ran out of ideas, so went with good ole trustworthy BBA Tsjeeses...
Not my style, but not bad!..
^I'm gonna try and pick that up, b1os. German beers ar so cheap indeed!.. And #3...
To have (beer) and have not.
Nice and dry!..
I didn't wait for a special occasion to open this... It blew my mind, though... In small Struise glass. http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/struise-aardmonnik--earthmonk/58704/
Great, very particular beer... Slightly sour, bourbon, vanilla... Not the best balanced beer, but it's decent!..
Thanks!.. Order from Beergium came in as well today... €urope vs. the States... FIGHT!..
LC Sherry's where it's at!.. And my Beergium order is arriving today as well... That's lightning speed quickness...Postman just rang my door (once):
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