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just picked up one of these along with a 15 IPS recording of Coleman Hawkins. Heavens to Murgatroyd...it's dandy sounding!
Finally picked up a Tandberg 3001 tuner. And my my...it lives up to its reputation. Surprising how analogue FM broadcasts can sound so stunningly good.
Classic Peter Blake At auction
I love both Evans and Memphis (PoMo in general). In fact, I think they should be mixed together.In a fit of nostalgia, I've decided to bring back the Patrick Nagel print.
You can't help noticing every single thing. There's some tension, but they all seem relate anyway.I have 4 of those Kaiser Idell lamps (vintage). I notice DWR is now carrying the reissues.
cool.... even cooler!!! .........
Here in TO we have a jazz station that broadcasts live-to-air concerts from their Long & McQuade Performance Hall. I am in Parkdale with a quality 300B SET based sound system, with a rooftop MD ST-2 antennae with a direct line-of-sight to their CN Tower transmitter (signal is strong with little compression).I was blown away by the sound quality of their live-to-air broadcasts, and have decided to tape them. I considered 15 IPS RTR, but instead went for a quality cassette...
Yea...ok hairdoo.If arguing the finer points of fake Eames chairs is what constitutes the wider issues surrounding art and design, then I suppose I'm guilty.Risom fails where McCobb succeeds.
This Gae Aulenti for Knoll Jumbo table. Never seen it in mixed marble before. Have to go back with reinforcements to get it home...this is some serious weight.
I was kidding...there's literally millions of them.The two most overrated/overhyped products in audio history are both turntables...the LP12 & SL1200
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