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I was kidding...there's literally millions of them.The two most overrated/overhyped products in audio history are both turntables...the LP12 & SL1200
They are so rare!! ha ha
If you are excluded on the basis of being an immigrant, then both North and South America have little "home grown" talent during the early 20th century modernism. The entire basis of Brazilian modernism is the blending of native and European sensibilities.Tenreiro was living in and making furniture in Brazil before Rodrigues was out of diapers. He pioneered what would become the influence to later designers, including Rodrigues. As an important designer of the 40's and...
Sergio Niemeyer was a great designer, but Brazilian modernism pre-dates him, so the title is incorrect. Joaquim Tenreiro would have been the famous furniture designer working 20 years before him, who furnished Niemeyer buildings and a major influence to Niemeyer. Jorge Zalszupin, who founded the design collective L'Atelier, deserves mention as well.
Latest iteration of the Mirvish/Gehry project for Toronto. Two tower proposal now approved at 92 & 82 floors.
Here is another variant of the Toogood table. Hopton white stone cube, a long horizontal cylinder in English walnut, a vertical cylinder in Italian marble and a frame in brass-plated steel mesh. The glass topped one reminds me of the Metafora table by Vignelli.
A: There is evidence of how knowledgable these folks were.B: They weren't "behaving badly on the internet"....anonymously.
Ok...let's test that theory of yours. When I said "design is the new art" I was acknowledging the fact that the concept is out there...and it is. So I do know what I'm talking about. Your personal "feelings" about it are irrelevant. The fact that you get hostile about it is interesting, but equally irrelevant.Theories are only as good as the evidence to support them. I may very well not know what I'm talking about....but you haven't provided any evidence to support it.
You think there's a correlation? ha ha The fact that he needs (and...cringe...thanks you for) your validation doesn't bode well for that theory. The fact that he is "defining art" for us pretty much tells me everything I need to know about how that theory applies to him. I've given the little attention whore too much of my time already.The fact of the matter is that if it is being marketed as art, in the art economy, and it is being consumed as art, and it's primary...
Well, it is if I say it is. I love the delusionary perception that your observations = empirical fact.How could anyone who behaves so poorly know anything anyway?
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