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Hard to believe this was not a commercially successful product.
It is not a term I use or acknowledge and I've only ever heard it used by people with little knowledge of design.
An essential addition to my typewriter collection....the Sottsass valentine (1969)
Acquired this Max Bill litho the other day. Oddly enough, I already had a copy of the brochure for the very show this painting was originally featured in at Toronto and Montreal in 1972 called Surfaces (this painting was also used as the poster for the show). The brochure isn't that collectable, except he signed this one. The litho was purchased from the same gallery that held the show (Godard Gallery sticker on the back).
This Kosso Eloul sculpture (a miniaturized version of an outdoor installation at Glendon College Toronto 1973)
Found this little Pepe Mendoza dish at the market yesterday...
So far it's been a good week Pretty sure this is James Mont. Awesome Claude Conover
It is one of the more iconic Mastercraft pieces. The same table with large top is available right now here in town...but for $2675. That's no bargain (considering it's the same place I bought the Paul Evans table for considerably less than that). Too big for my place anyhow.
Hope you got a good deal...the more iconic Mastercraft stuff is getting pricey (even more so when it has the Bernhard Rohne etching).
The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant aka The Palace of Purification R.C. Harris was Roland Caldwell Harris, Toronto’s Commissioner of Public Works from 1912 until 1945, the year he died. Harris wanted not only the largest and most technically advanced water treatment facility, he wanted it lavishly designed...inside and out. He hired architect Thomas C. Pomphrey to design it in the art deco style of the day. It is located at Queen & Victoria Park, in Toronto's Beach...
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