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I'm also really enjoying my low tensions, it's going to be hard to split my time between these and the 15 oz indigo/indigo slubs I just picked up. Decisions, decisions...
I bought a pair to replace my worn out Artist Denim 40400 50/50 sugarcanes and I really like the fabric, the loom chatter is great and I think it will lend to some really nice fades. Another shout out to Jay from Blue Owl for the great customer service!
Anyone have the Low Tension WGs and want to post some detail/fit pics?
Measurements? (shoulders/sleeves/chest/length)
I have the same Rogue Territory shirt and it is my favourite chambray shirt in terms of fit and construction, free bump.
I emailed Colby a while ago and this was part of the response I got back on August 10th: "I have not received my new oxford fabrics or my fall flannels just yet. I hope to have them within the next few weeks. ... The search is still ongoing for nice poplin plaid and striped shirting that will work for a dress/casual look." Hopefully we will hear something about those new fabrics soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by anonymouz ^that looks great. It was $59? Yep, just the standard price of the custom shirting
I promised some pics of my custom chambray, which is kind of the cousin of socialdtk's shirt. Colby offers some awesome clothing and only provided friendly and prompt customer service. clean construction The same thick MOP buttons as MJK's old premium shirts A pleasant surprise feature, a partial lining in the front with inside pockets small touches
Quote: Originally Posted by hobojones ^Nice! Did that run you extra? I can see that you got two chest pockets. Nope, just the normal cost of the custom shirts. I think the extra features really show Colby's commitment to his craft.
Pretty excited for my custom chambray to get here!
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