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I have a weird black/brown JRT/dachshund mix (probably) that does the same thing. Has tons of energy at home but HATES exercising and thus lays down multiple times per walk, regardless of temperature.
This is exactly the kind of thing my aunt would do, and she did.
I don't doubt it; few C-shapes have dauphine hands either, though it's unclear whether that was a post-production swap or something Omega did late in the run of this watch. I suspect the man I bought it from (or the man he bought it from) was not a serious collector and modified it as he saw fit. Nevertheless, I think it's a good-looking watch and I enjoy wearing it.
My first automatic watch was a C-shape Constellation. Pardon the disgusting photo:
What kind of vet would euthanize a healthy and friendly dog like that?
You can't adopt a dog or cat from a shelter here (Virginia) unless they've been spayed/neutered, apparently regardless of the animal's age.
My little girl a few months ago. Not sure what she is, but we think JRT and dachshund, as her sisters were very short-legged. We adopted her at about four months, and she was spayed at about three. Seems way too early and makes me think the mandatory spay/neuter law here needs some loopholes.
Love these and would have bought one in a second if not for the Oris lugs
Ted tripping and hitting his head was the lamest thing this show has ever done. The remainder of the episode far more than made up for it.
^ Holy shit. My first year in clinical psych I got $12,500, or as I typically put it, 125 $100 bills. The next year I got $11k - to be the instructor of record for two full lectures, mind.
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