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I saw Patrick on Monday in Dallas and ordered a tweed sports jacket from the Breanish Tweed book which was basically olive with a overplaid. It will be a single-breasted, two button coat with hacking pockets and a ticket pocket. Max
I have never been to a deb ball but all of the photos I have seen in the newspapers suggest that white tie is the appropriate attire for the escorts. Max
Another possible difference between the Hong Kong and the tour price is that the tour price includes shipping and custom duties. Since I never order in Hong Kong, does the Hong Kong price include shipping and customs? Max
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton 1) Only the last book, DtM has the complexion stuff, and Flusser shot himself in the balls by doctoring the pics. (BTW, mafoo, I don't think he necessarily recommends black for you, just "high contrast." Still, I agree with you that I think complexion matching is bunk, and I ignore it.) 2) The first two books are written in a different style than the last two. The first book is very breezy and conversational. The...
+4. They have a wide range of styles for someone who has narrow feet.
Lovely shoes, I have 3 pairs of AE spectators. I hope to have G & G make me a pair someday. Max
Suits: 4 suits with 1 on order 1 Solid Navy (VBC) 1 Solid Charcoal (H & S) 1 Glen Plaid Grey (Scabal) 1 Solid Tan Gaberdine (H & S) 1 Oxford Grey 3-piece (H & S Crispaire). My recent ordered which was inspired by Vintage Gent's 3 piece Crispaire. I ordered an extra pair of stripe trousers so I can wear the jacket as a stroller. 1 Navy Blazer Mohair (Scabal) 4 shirts Max
I also used an extra piece of fabric for reweaving a pair of pants from a suit. Max
I have sixteen pairs of AE which is about half of my shoe collection. Since I have very narrow feet, AE provides a greater variety of sizes. Max
Quote: Originally Posted by designprofessor Damn, I like these! I wish G&G would make a return trip to Dallas! +1. Of course, if they returned to Dallas I probably be in debt for the rest of my life. Max
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