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As a customer of Chris Despos who has several HF suits hanging in the closet, there is no comparison whatsoever - go with Chris!
You should seriously consider a Briggs and Riley bag. Not only are they very well made, but they have a real "lifetime" warranty where any repairs required are performed for free. No service charges, shipping costs or anything else. I have a few of their cases and have had several things repaired over time, including broken zippers, handles and wheel frames, etc.
Thanks, Grimslide! Uncle Jam: at the time of the last sale (the end of last year), they were marked down, generally, to 313 pounds, which would be about $515 today. The same shoe selling in the US would likely run about $975, equating to about 47% off, or so. Other shoes were marked down to 343 pounds, a few to 365 pounds. These would normally run over $1000 here. Hope that helps.
Junior Member reporting back, as ordered. Per EG, the sale starts on June 25th, with details of their stock in your size available that day. Enjoy!
Will there be a sale later this month?
+1 re. Field. Will is the best in DC, in my opinion - and only two doors down!
The writing style of Oxxford SJLINY reminds me of Audi S5TC on AAAC; what do you think?
+1 for anything made by Briggs & Riley. Not only are they durable, but you also receive free lifetime repairs. I have have had broken zippers, broken handles, etc. and have had the bags repaired for free each time. The bags without the free repairs are top notch, with the free repairs, you just can't beat them!
My favorite is Samuel Smith's The Celebrated Oatmeal Stout, brewed at the Old Brewery Tadcaster, Est. 1758, Yorkshire's oldest brewery. Second place is Guinness Stout.
They are both great! I like the medallion a bit more, however.
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