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No; he's a douche!
William is a wonderful tailor and a great person. Did he tell you about his days as a singer in a popular DC punk rock band?
No deal - they suck at any price!
He'll be on from 1:30 - 2:00 PM.
Alan Flusser will be interviewed this afternoon on the Cigar Dave Radio Show this afternoon (12-2 PM). The show is available on XM, the internet ( and on several local radio stations across the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Where I live the Koreans have gardeners. Yes, but don't let your dog loose in the neighborhood!
Here's the link to the article referred to above. While the budget was $20,000, it is a few years old now.
IMO. the best cleaners in the DC area is Parkway. While they do cost more and are located in Chevy Chase, they pick up and deliver. I have been using them for my bespoke shirts and they haven't ruined on yet in nearly two years!
Love ASW - read it everyday!
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