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In Texas, I can only order legally from the winery, and I'm currently on the waiting list to get on the mailing list.Some wines from this week (all pilfered images):I believe that this is all declassified Meursault juice, and I was expecting something golden yellow and a bit fat. It's not. Pale, lots of acidity, some wood but not overpoweringly so. It's just delicious. I mentioned to the guy at the place where I ordered it that it wasn't what I expected, and he said,...
I wish we got more Bedrock in my market. I've loved everything that I've had, but I rarely see anything other than the Old Vine Zin and the North Coast Syrah,
The white is more than a little like the rose. It also disappears so fast that I suspect the winery isn't really using 750 ml bottles.
I've had both the rose and the white Ameztoi over the last week. Both are so, so good.
Copain bottles (or at least has bottled in the past) a varietal Picpoul. You're right: it's a hell of a lot more than $8 a bottle.
Sadie Family Wines. All of them that you can get your hands on.
Well, different strokes, I guess. I've had the regular bottling several times and have always loved it. It's more tutti-fruiti and carbonic-like (although I don't think it sees carbonic maceration), while the Finca Meixeman has more of an herbal core underneath.
I had a couple of very nice wines this weekend. (Not my image.) Alheit Vineyards is another one of these new South African producers similar in style and approach to Eben Sadie: they buy their grapes (typically from under-appreciated or unpopular varieties) from dry-farmed bush vineyards at (relatively) low potential alcohols and produce distinctive wines that are unmistakably New World but still restrained. Cartology is Alheit's "villiage" offering, made with grapes...
I've had a couple of really nice wines this week. (Not my picture.) 100% Blaufrankisch. As the label says, Jagini Zagersdorf is a joint effort of Roland Velich of Moric and Hannes Schuster of Rosi Schuster: Shuster grows the grapes, Velich makes the wine. It was very bretty at first, but that dissipated. Iit's bigger than the regular Moric Blaufrankisch bottling, but it has a similar medium-weight, high-acid profile, with lots of fruit and minerals and forest floor and...
Well, Toro isn't that far down the Duero from Ribera del Duero...If Principle means Ribera del Duero, I have had good experiences with wines from Emilio Moro and Psi. (Psi has one of my favorite wine labels -- distinctive and very well done.)If he means Toro, one of the best-known producers is Numanthia, although they're not really to my taste: big, extracted, alcoholic, and oaky.
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