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This was very tasty. I sure hope that it wasn't grocery store Champagne, though.
It would surprise me greatly if Broc used reverse osmosis, spinning cones, or any of the rest of that modern, high-tech stuff; but who knows?Edit: According to the tech specs for the Broc white zin, the grapes were picked at under 21 Brix, which means that the maximum alcohol of the finished wine was under 11.75%.
I've had it, and it's very good. The thing that amazes me is that it's only 11.5% alcohol. When did they have to pick to make a bone-dry zin that only got to 11.5%?(The article also mentions Turley white zin, which is also bone-dry and 11.7% alcohol. How's that for going against type?)
Its price is close to your limit, but Ca' del Bosco's standard NV Franciacorta is very, very good. For $15 to $20, I have also enjoyed Juve y Camps and Gramona Cava. Gramona also has some other bottlings for a few bucks more that are excellent. I see a lot of Val de Mer Cremant de Bourgogne (both regular and rose) for around $20 a bottle, and it's not bad.
That's a Special Club bottle/label. Was the story about the Club de Tresors? The membership is exclusively RMs, and the have to submit both the vins clairs and the disgorged Champagne to a judging panel before it can be labeled as Special Club.
Apparently, the Laguiole saber isn't all that: http://b4ttlesong.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-life-in-sabers.html (Bonus SF-y detail: the author of the above blog post now has a bespoke Champagne saber.)
Jancis says that Pinot Beurot is a Burgundian synonym for Pinot Gris. You were drinking Pinot Grigio.
Gasoline and diesel fuel are distinct distillates from crude oil. You can't decide that you'd rather have only diesel from this barrel of crude and only gasoline from that barrel of crude. You're going to get gasoline AND diesel from both barrels, and it's not possible to fiddle much with the relative yields. If you didn't have gasoline engines, what would you do with the gasoline, and what would happen to the price of diesel? (But why resort to explanations from basic...
Seems to have worked out just fine for Jack Daniel's, which has gone from 90 proof to 86 proof to 80 proof over the last 15 or 20 years without stopping sales growth. The people at Beam obviously think that their core customers won't be upset enough to stop buying, and I wouldn't bet on them being wrong.Remember that aged, barrel-proof Bourbon probably will be around 60% ABV. Going from 45% to 42% means that you can get around 6.67% more bottles out of a barrel, which...
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