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That's a Special Club bottle/label. Was the story about the Club de Tresors? The membership is exclusively RMs, and the have to submit both the vins clairs and the disgorged Champagne to a judging panel before it can be labeled as Special Club.
Apparently, the Laguiole saber isn't all that: http://b4ttlesong.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-life-in-sabers.html (Bonus SF-y detail: the author of the above blog post now has a bespoke Champagne saber.)
Jancis says that Pinot Beurot is a Burgundian synonym for Pinot Gris. You were drinking Pinot Grigio.
Gasoline and diesel fuel are distinct distillates from crude oil. You can't decide that you'd rather have only diesel from this barrel of crude and only gasoline from that barrel of crude. You're going to get gasoline AND diesel from both barrels, and it's not possible to fiddle much with the relative yields. If you didn't have gasoline engines, what would you do with the gasoline, and what would happen to the price of diesel? (But why resort to explanations from basic...
Seems to have worked out just fine for Jack Daniel's, which has gone from 90 proof to 86 proof to 80 proof over the last 15 or 20 years without stopping sales growth. The people at Beam obviously think that their core customers won't be upset enough to stop buying, and I wouldn't bet on them being wrong.Remember that aged, barrel-proof Bourbon probably will be around 60% ABV. Going from 45% to 42% means that you can get around 6.67% more bottles out of a barrel, which...
Corbieres is an AOC. It wouldn't have been legal for the producer to put Corbieres on the label if the wine didn't qualify for AOC Corbieres.
Theise, not Gimonnet. See the bottom of p. 10:http://www.skurnikwines.com/msw/documents/MSW_TerryTheise_Champagne_2011.pdf/pedant
King Arthur Flour runs and honest-to-God artisan bakery at their headquarters in Vermont, and they have a series of videos about the various steps in bread production recorded there and narrated by their bakery staff up on their website. I've found them very useful -- the shaping and scoring ones in particular taught me more about how to do it than lots of verbiage in lots of books. Speaking of books, my favorite bread book is Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and...
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc Bringing this back to life again. Tried my first no knead bread today. First time I've ever made homemade bread as well, and while the result wasn't perfect, I have to admit that I'm pretty proud of myself. I used too much water when I made the dough yesterday, and I didn't realize that until I had it on top of a kitchen towel, probably due to me being half asleep. Anyways, it got really sticky and it was too late...
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