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I think Marcel Deiss is catnip to a lot of sommeliers, both because he makes good wine and because he's not so well known. I have only ever had his Alsace Blanc, which is a mixture of the 13 grape varieties legal in Alsace. I didn't especially like it because Muscat and Gewurtraminer tend to ruin everything they touch for me, but I would certainly give his Rieslings a try if I saw them at a reasonable price.
I'm bringing a bottle of Foggy Ridge hard cider (from Virginia) for an aperitif and an '08 Mousse Fils Special Club for the meal. Everybody is welcome to it, but experience has shown that most of the guests prefer Gallo White Zinfandel to grower Champagne. Except for the couple who like the Beringer Merlot...But that's okay: more for me.
Yeah, I've been pleased by the QPR of the Crios wines that I've had. Supposedly, the main-line Susana Balbo wines are very good, but I haven't had any.What I had last night:(Not my image.)Domaine de Montbourgeau is one of Neal Rosenthal's properties, and I see a decent amount of the still chardonnay (which I think is aged sous voile) and the Cremant du Jura around here. Occasionally, there's also a bottle or two of the Vin Jaune. In any event, I liked it -- a little bit of...
I don't think that Cornwell was at the 2007 DRC tasting; but Aubert de Villaine was, and he was one of the ones who thought the '45 RC was authentic and excellent. Of course, I believe that Maureen Downey concluded that the label on the bottle that they drank at that event was counterfeit, so who the heck knows. She could be mistaken, or Rudy could have put a counterfeit label on a genuine bottle (to make it easier to pass his other counterfeit bottles with counterfeit...
Oh, I'm not a baller like Piobaire. I don't deny that it was a good watch, just that they presented Rudy as he should have been presented. Fraud and counterfeiting are still fraud and counterfeiting, even if the people being bilked have more money than sense.
Is there much evidence that he did that? I mean, who knows what a '45 DRC is supposed to taste like; and when people have paid enormous sums of money for what purports to be '45 DRC, is it any wonder that they go gaga over it?I also saw the documentary, and I thought that it was remarkably gentle towards Rudy. Having read the entire Kurniawan thread on Wine Berserkers, my judgment is considerably harsher.
I've had Selosse exactly once (Initial, about 3 years ago), and I liked it very much. I imagine you would, too, if you like the oxidative style in Champagne. It was worth the price to try it and see what the fuss was all about, but I can't really imagine buying it regularly unless I had much more money to throw around than I do. There's too much excellent Champagne out there at half the price or less, including some that I honestly prefer to the Selosse that I had...
I can't recall ever having poured out a non-flawed bottle of a Kermit Lynch wine. The only other importer whose wines I've drunk in significant quantities that I can say that about is Terry Theise (well, I guess Michael Skurnik is technically the importer of Theise's wines; but Theise's name is on the back label, so it amounts to the same thing for me). There are other importers whose wines I tend to like, but none of them have the hit rates that Lynch and Theise have for me.
The retailers that I frequent get a few bottles of Vin Jaune from well-regarded producers like Ganevat once a year, and I stare at them wondering if I should buy one until they're all gone. The problem for me is that I have no idea if I'd like Vin Jaune, and they're priced too high for me to be willing to take a flier. I wish I knew someplace that poured it by the glass.
Three recent ones (pictures pilfered): I actually had the 2010; but I can't find a picture of it online, and I'm too lazy to take my own. Edi Kante is another of Kermit Lynch's Italian producers, located in the Carso in Friuli. He's a white wine specialist (Vitovska, Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay), but he also makes a red blend and this varietal Terrano. I was told that Terrano was a clone of Refosco -- it's sometimes called Refosco d'Istria -- but according to...
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