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yeah its a good shop, kind of small but a nice shop. most of the employees are pretty nice. they have some nice aldens, and they also carry barracuta jackets etc. "all of the stuff a man would need" was what one of the sales guys said i was like hmmm... i do really like the levis 501s they have their but for 265? yikes
i've been meaning to check out freemans for quite some time now. this lovely thread will give me the final push to finally go there and get some good items. any recommendations other than a suit?
yes, i own a jcrew suit and have been quite pleased with it...i did have to get it altered quite a bit and brought that jacket in and pants etc. but they are pretty good if you need a suit relatively quick.
anyone have any good recommendations for face moisturizer? during the winter my face gets so dry from the wind. its so annoying
mr ned quite affordable as well http://mrnednyc.com/
i'm interested in a us sz 38 or medium slim fit lemme know
i'm in too
i think the john varvatos converse are horrible nothing beats an original
i use that anthony ingrown hair treatment...works great! i highly endorse it
i would wear a dark rinse denim. preferably straight leg
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