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i use that anthony ingrown hair treatment...works great! i highly endorse it
i would wear a dark rinse denim. preferably straight leg
i would try thom browne or band of outsiders they run quite expensive but they fit wonderfully
i believe the term is cobbler and there are many in nyc i like elite shoe repair its 105 w. 10th Street check it out
alright woo i did a bit of purchasing but its alright i got a briggs umbrella (black watch tartan) and a pair of the chatham shoes at john lobb in black may my wallet rest in pieces i go home saturday
nice! the list is getting longer and longer! i'll let you guys know what i pick up monday or tuesday
thanks so much! i'll definitely check these places out!
so i'm in london all week where should i go shopping? its getting chilly here i did just buy a barbour polar quilt quite nice!
Lemme know i am in nyc i could meet up or whatevers but yes i am definitely in the market for any TB in size 2
Ahh sorry a little late on this but I own 2 white oxfords 1 blue oxford 1 bengal stripe oxford 1 pair of the brown wingtips 2 ties (navy, grey) 2 black fleece suits -still cant afford a 5k suit - 1 grey cardigan i would love to have what socal has oh well
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