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3 fairly large baskets of anonymous ism socks when i was there this morning.
yeah the floral vest is really nice to wear with a full suit.i wear mine with my navy suit and it adds this nice pop.keep in mind, my wife thinks i dress like an idiot but i like it.
Went to the FGC sale today. A LOT of good stuff. Saturdays, BoO, EG, Rag & Bone, APC etc. Prices were pretty good. Most EG is from s/s 13 some is from fw 12 and ss 12 All at least 50-60% off. There was a massive rack of EG stuff, popovers, baker jackets, fatigue shorts pretty good size run too. I grabbed about 10 pairs of anonymous ism socks for $8 each The phone was ringing off the hook regarding EG stuff though. The owner said people were asking to list...
i would wear them with a tee like most of the beams or united arrows dudes.
FGC is literally a black away from my house in Brooklyn. lemme know if you need me to check anything out for y'all.
anyone know when Fall deliveries will hit? August?
they're ok they dont always have what's on the site in stock and usually take a while to "process" and ship.
i'm going tomorrow. i'll let you all know.
FYI Engineered Garments on sale for half off at Jonathan + Olivia. http://jonathanandolivia.com/MENS/?designer=14
a close friend of mine runs a mens store and has said more and more brands have been asking for them to wait to put stuff on sale. he said one store was so upset about them being on sale early that they threatened to stop selling to him. (take a guess who)only bigger places like barneys etc. can get away with markdowns earlier.
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