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Let's face it. Mafoo has a very academic approach to the way he dresses (nothing wrong with that). If you want your approach to be similarly academic and philsophical, Foo makes many valid points that will help you defend yourself from many criticisms. OP, if you want your brain to hurt less, go for a textured or patterned gray, blue or brown jacket. Any of the three will not be wrong for a second jacket. It will boil down to what you like. If you want it to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd They have nothing to do with too-wide shoulders. +1. In my experience, and in non-tailoring terms, the upper sleeve is not cut wide enough and is inserted into the arm syce in such a way as to cause a certain lateral tension that results in horizontal indentations (or divots) in the upper sleeve. Chan finally realized they had to cut me new sleeves for my jacket and make them bigger. That solved the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Nope You the man. That is awesome.
You try Isaia or Barbera?
Nice. Now let me have at least one tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Ouch! Speedy recovery! Yes. Ouch is right, if not an understatement. So where's my damn stuff? j/k.
so how many did you buy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman @ Teddieriley You've done a good job of fighting your corner there but I'm still not buying it. If someone is a complete slob it will be patently obvious in their poor choice of clothes, fits etc. I suggest that someone who has been a member of Styleforum for over four years and has amassed 7000 posts has more than a passing interest in dressig well and being stylish, and all of your examples of alleged personal...
I know there is a definitive thread on Wolverine shoes in S&D, but didn't find any of the sizing discussions helpful, particularly when the reference points are Vans or "street shoes" (whatever that means). Any MCers have experience with sizing for the Addison or wingtip chucka boots? I hear sizing down anywhere from 1/2 to a full size - but is that even with your US sizing? I'm a solid US size 11D and 10UK on almost all lasts for dress shoes. Should marked US 11s...
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