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If Foo and his wife can walk around Napoli for a vacation, I'm sure you'll be fine, cupcake.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Or about the Australian who drank pee and was universally ignored for a few months before he realized it. Yes, that Shoo-ie on FNB is a number one A-hole. He's demonstrated time and time again he knows nothing. Bet he was raised in the Outback. Speaking of Outback - just went to Outback Steakhouse the other week for the first time in about 10 years. Place is actually pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Congrats, you now have 2 suits that look exactly the same from 30 feet away. I too would have voted for the charcoal grey stripe flannel. Just picked up an Isaia one, and it is sweet. I'm not a fan of the microstripes from any distance. Of course, that is personal taste.
Nice. As another point of reference, I'm a size US11 and find the 44 in the F last to be a better fit. Thus, if you're a 11.5, these should work for you as well.
In terms of fit, I find JCrew to be spot on for the slim fitting variety. Cashmere ("Italian" cash made in China) is not as nice as the Paul Stuart , but if you can pick up a Jcrew $100 or less and the sweater lasts several seasons, I think it is perfectly serviceable. Otherwise, try Howard Yount if he has any top-of-the line sweaters in size L still available.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Big +1 to this. I have been out to many restaurants in a suit. I could care less if the other patrons were wearing suits or nice dresses. Not to be annoying, but I am committed to correcting its improper use wherever or whenever I see it - the expression is "I couldn't care less." Think about it....
Quote: Originally Posted by aon Nice look! But I have no clue how you are wearing a jacket and scarf in the PI. I hear it is nice now, but nowhere cool. Of course I am only assuming that from your location.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims The funny thing, especially as it relates to M. Fan's dress sense, is that 34 years ago, when the Goliath was introduced, older men were habitually wearing similar eyeframes with their flannels and repps We need a time machine to transport Foo back to the 70s. A one way ticket, preferably.
Quote: Originally Posted by Diavolo This looks good to me except I would: 1.Pair the jacket with your lighter flannel pants you have on the way. 2.Swap the gloves for maybe normal ones in navy cashmere. 3. Change the pocket square for one with some blue and white mixed pattern. 4. Possibly the glasses could be a little more unobtrusive. Persol tortoiseshell? The jacket is very elegant and I certainly wouldn't be wearing tan or...
The real issue is who has the better body hair.
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