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Welcome! We hate you.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel in the second pic, he looks like me. But better looking.
Jeez, the guy isn't a store.
^^Second pic looks much better.
Some people like to spend money and know they are getting quality made items. No one is going to come up with some mathematical formula or graph to show "diminishing returns" and "ROI" on shoes or a watch. If you want to go buy Wal-Mart shoes, I couldn't care less. Go buy your watch at Target, if it helps you sleep better at night. That's what it all boils down to.
I cannot follow with all of the acronyms. I'm still working on FTW, FTFY and TTYL. Thx.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria when I impart my wisdom to you. - B You keep your pants on though when you do this right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt edit - oh, I see you've gone and got yourself fokked this morning. RIP. Wait, is Buttard gone? coo.
^^FUBARs are not relationship damaging? You are either way too loyal or not motivated to find a better tailor. Is it the case that people should expect FUBARs once you use bespoke on a relatively regular basis?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Not sure if this is BS, but one tailor told me the stripey stuff is a different blend than just regular ol' bemberg, which it makes it easier for the arms to slide in-and-out. I know a few things that makes it easier for things to slide-in-and-out.
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