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Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell My experience matches your experience. I was trying to get the OP to the place we are without him spending all the money - to get him to enlightenment without the meditation, as it were. I hope it's clearer for him. Yep. I got two Isaia suits waiting to get altered. Just going to have the tailor slap on the buttons to the sleeves without any buttons holes (real or fake) and call it a day and saving $70...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Welcome to Styleforvm! Always great to introduce a n00b into the fray. Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell You're going to have to dumb this one down a shade for me. What I was getting at is that you are really questioning someone on SF for wanting to put button holes on RTW? While it is true that MTM/bespoke include working button holes into the price of the build,...
I like how he suggests that he has a "girlfriend."
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell I don't see what the return on the $80-100 for working buttonholes is. I get them done on MTM/bespoke because they're priced-in to the build; but why spend the price of a tie on something you'll never use or even think about? Welcome to Styleforvm! Always great to introduce a n00b into the fray.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR This looks dreadful but if you buy OTR why try to convert it to something it is not - your fault. -1. OP's fault because he wanted properly done button holes on OTR? I suppose these sorts of comments on SF should no longer surprise me. Explains why I no longer solicit comments from folks here.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynWeGoHard great jacket - yoox'ed nevertheless - saw this there. why not just return to yoox? So is this size M more equivalent to a US40? Bloussons are intended to fit slimmer - is that already taken into account with BC's sizing, or would you have to size down? I'm asking since I wear Eu52 and size L jackets, typically. Wondering if I went down to a M, it would provide the slimmer fit or if it would just...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Great tie. I'm assuming this was MTO/bespoke? Measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo The comeback factory called; they want their Comeback Seconds back for recrafting. I see what you did there. I hate to admit, but that was actually clever.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah You are such a pussy. I needed to say that. So what do you really think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn I The personality cult following him around however is the strangest part of this whole phenomena, if I were him I'd be totally freaked out by it. Speaking about weird phenomena, you must be a stranger to this guy we call "Foo."
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