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Some Kitons are made of such smooth, silky soft fabric that they tie terrible knots that tend to slip. Silks are great looking though. Good at the Sak's day-after Christmas sale for about $80 a pop.
Your chance to show your sprezz.
^^Get on their mailing list, and you'll have access to discount codes that may not be posted here.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee The thank you for the heads up PMs and messages trump your blabbering, now nip off peanut Whatevs, cool guy.
I'm waiting for the Panta tie made from Ed's chest hairs. Probably enough for several limited editions.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Australians can just go to the factory outlet and grab them in person for $40 Just note these shirts are discontinued as they have super high cuts up the sides in the stitching. Sorry to hammer your thread, but it's only fair Quote: Originally Posted by sunshkine So this guy is trying to make 100% profit on some outlet shirts? I guess if people are willing to pay it's all...
^^So you'll have the whip cream in the same places?
Saddening news. Offering your help to the fam is best.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin This is a great thread. Recently acquired a blue Raspini blazer (not navy, by any stretch). Curious to see what I could pair it with. Hopefully pants.
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