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Quote: Originally Posted by dangoodbaum what is the rise on the pants? 4"
Irony is that I believe it is pronounced chea-pa, and retail is anywhere but - but relative to mainline Kiton, a more "affordable" option. I like a lot of what I see from Kiton, and fit is probably best on me for RTW in general.
The vintage rioja seems pretty dark.
Great picture!
I thought ShoeFan was the guy that was apprenticing with Marcell in Hungary? Who is that guy?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 LOL at these prices Srly. They're just pants. But I suppose if you were to account for the trouser component of a $4000 bespoke suit, then it sounds about right, if not on the lower end.
If Foo is changing the title, it's his way to keep this thread alive without actually having to post in it any more. Why won't it just die? Mainly because we got chicks from the purse forum posting here, and we know all of them have to get the last word in.
Stand at a table or work bench. Place newspaper or mat. I don't polish more than 3 pairs at a time usually. Should only take a few minutes each to brush and apply polish. walk away for 15-30 minutes and watch TV or go have a beer, come back, brush and buff. Viola.
Unless you have a true three button, you can't button the top button if the roll of the lapel is to between the top and 2nd button (i.e., 2.5), and to a much lesser extent the roll is to the 2nd button, without making it look horrible. You're basically forcing a button point that was not intended. Just check the GILT models for their suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by emfader Thank you for the advice guys, I will surely get some good new stuff now. But what about gloves to avoid scratches on my hand? What, are you a chick or a hand model? Be a man and get some calluses on your hands, cupcake.
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