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so how about mina, dino and their great work. Domino's has had a great campaign to make their pizzas better. I once fell for their 2 medium pizzas for $5.99 each, except I thought it was $5.99 for two mediums. I got ripped off and paid about $16 inclusive for cardboard with "tomato" sauce. Bruce would not have been happy with that.
Why are you wasting your time on shoes? Back to photoshopping. kthx.
Advice: Don't do it.
Seconds, n00b.
Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats Nice suit and I like the shoes but the pants look so short. You don't say?
Cuffs are a personal preference. While there are positive attributes to cuffs, the suit will not "look better" on WOE if the pants were cuffed. As everyone has said, it would look better if they were an inch longer. That said, I would have stuck 2inch bad-boy cuffs on them. Werd.
^^Nice if you want to make a kilt.
Quote: Originally Posted by 7even please post pics Quote: Originally Posted by ALFAMALE sounds good, pics please It's in the Panta tie thread. I'll buy it from you for $75 if you get no takers...
Joining the choir of length a bit short, but badass overall.
Love it.
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