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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Worn jackets? Worn jackets? The fucking horror. Srly. The sleeves are wrinkled! Wait, that guy is not standing like a robot and there is a rumple in the jacket! NO STYLE. NO STYLE. FIT IS OFF!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar That's much better... I suppose it's these sorts of threads that one would miss the occasional Bull post.
Kim Chee - and lots of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond It seems to me that the jacket on the left clearly fits better, not sure why all the love for the right jacket? It looks a tad short in length, a bit tight in the waist and something might be off with the sleeve pitch? I would stick with the maker on the left. Other than some minor tweaks on the right jacket it looks pretty good too. Personally, i feel that the jacket on the right, while still soft, makes...
Don't know why I didn't see this thread earlier. I think the right looks better, particularly with the slightly wider shoulders. But both look good overall. I'm going to just take a guess and say left if Chan while right is Mina.
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy OP, don't listen to Mac. I agree that there are slight divots on the shoulders. ruh roh! Seriously though, it's a minor detail. Not really, and I actually think it is a huge issue. Hopefully it's an easy enough fix for OP's tailor, but I find it quite surprising how many MTM and bespoke jackets (including my Chans) have these divot problems while a well-fitting RTW can easily avoid this problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Good new troll So why you trolling now GDL? You get your goods from Mina yet?
Mac - your pagoda shoulders are a stylistic choice, and it is not clear if you are indicating this is RTW (which you claim looks better than the OP's jacket) or bespoke. But the shoulders do not have to follow a straight line, particularly if they are lightly padded. Besides, the style of your jacket looks completely different than the OPs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac The shoulders are terrible. I have better fitting jackets OTR. Pics or it ain't true. Aside from the acknowledged problem with the upper-arm sleeves, what is so terrible about the shoulders? The shoulder lines themselves look good, although I do believe the overall look is diminished by the divoting of the sleeves, which should be addressed.
Something is funky with the waist on your right side. The indentations in your upper sleeve (i.e., "divots") need to be addressed, and that may or may not be corrected by "loosening" the sleeve. Breast pocket placement seems kind of high. Edit: Buttoning point looks good as it appears to be at your natural waist. Plus, it would put the bottom button even lower than your pant waist line.
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