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Bleach Boy - while we have wintessed great progress in the way you put yourself together - you are simply fitting into an SF/WAYWRN mold. I can't say you're developing your own style. I think you are too concerned about being SF approved. I say that to be helpful so that you can consider what is really your style in your context vs. trying to attain SF approval.
I know some folks hate the thought of navy odd trousers, but this could be a situation for them. Brown flannel or a patterned brown - brown houndstooth. Howard Yount has a couple of good ones. Or just jeans. In re-reading your post, I dont' even know what you are asking, actually. You want comments on the jacket or what pants to wear with them?
Not all blue soles are top of line. Bloomie's carried a blue sole version, and in my opinion, weren't even mid-range quality. These are from Shop the Finest - you're looking at some solid shoes, but agree not the top line. Solid mid-range.
I'm not particularly good at math or using Excel. Can I get into finance and make lots o' money?
Quote: Originally Posted by edlarnold That is one fine smellin' square sir. Heard of laundry and laundry detergent?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Damn...makes me miss buying teh Vash. - B Why, you're done with the Vashy?
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd So, no, we most certainly do not use old patterns drafted when people stood differently. Take shots at RTW for the areas in which it fails and I will happily accept them. Just don't make shit up in order to sell your product. Word.
I use a sock.
I only pay as a personal transfer if it is a trusted member, someone I've dealt with before or I'd be willing to eat the amount, which is always less than $100. As for advice, all you can do is wait if he contacts you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Honestly, I found Tom's comment about RTW patterns interesting. I don't know if it is true but I would like to know. Hearing opposing views is actually helpful. How about uninformed views? I have lots of those.
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