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Good to see its the Millesime. Don't worry about missing the boat - these are readily available at apparently trustworthy sites at just $10-$20 more.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Compromise with Paul Jheeta ... and he could remain at home. Neither would have have to worry about Chan's schedule of visits. The Prince can always schedule the wedding to ensure that he has at least one basted fitting with Patrick, and has enough time to send the suit back and forth via Fed Ex should additional corrections be necessary.
The Prince should stick it to SR and hire WW Chan. That would be EPIC.
If there wasn't this thing called the holidays coming up where I probably should be spending money on others, I would have kopped more pairs. Dammit, Ed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California I like how teddie changed his answer from 1 to 4. I have one, but on the other hand I don't have two pairs of brown shoes. So do I. I'm actually agreeing with Foo here - as far as brown dress belts go, I think you only need one good mid-brown or dark brown belt for dress situations. My go-to is a brown Paul Stuart belt I regularly wear with dark brown, mid-brown, suede or tan shoes. My...
Cut it into strips, create a noose, then hang yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baverso Is this sleeve too short? If it is (and provided there's enough fabric) can a good tailor let it out? If your dress shirt reaches where it should on your wrist, looks like you'll be showing at least an inch of cuff. Look to see how much fabric is folder under. Lengthening is easy enough - but if you let it out more than an 1/2", you'll have to consider moving buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 The shoulders on one of my suits are wrinkled. Can these be pressed out? I've never worn the suit Sometimes this goes away when you actually put the jacket on vs. on the hanger. If it doesn't, you need a tailor to fix it.
Creative. Elevating to new heights. I like.
Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 1 tan 1 mid to dark brown 1 mid brown suede and 1 brown woven belt because woven belts are the shit. You're right. I forgot I had a Howard Yount brown suede and a polo brown woven. I also have a tan from BR which I haven't worn in about 4 years.
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