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Fortunately for my wallet, only crew neck.
My favorite - yet another eBay purchase grievance thread for a whole $30!
Quote: Originally Posted by changy Is your avatar a chick or a dude? Based on your avatar, you're probably hoping it's a dude.
They smell like piss because your tailor wore your clothes and pissed himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE I know I'm gonna get flogged for this but could someone post a comparison shot of the F & U? You will. You really can't pull up the VASS thread?
I have a british tan jcrew down vest I wear over a navy or grey jacket on some cold days, usually done when when an overcoat is overkill and I just want to stay warm enough from my car to the office or when I go grab lunch. Whatever. Say it looks stupid, I dont' really care.
first I'd try the baking soda and leave for an extended period of time and use a suede brush on the nap. If the stain is still there, I'd try the equal parts water and vinegar solution, let marinate and dry, and then use a suede brush.
Freddy makes an awesome shirt. reminds me i should place an order with him soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia What do you see badly there? That you don't recognize that your jacket fits horribly (I've seen the front shot as well), is a clear indicator that your opinions of the fit and style of Luca/Mariano (or anyone else for that matter), don't count for sh!t.
^^You've posted in WAYWRN. You're hardly one to talk so authoritatively on fit and style. Sorry.
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