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OneShoe. OneTrouser. OneLove.
Quote: Originally Posted by azlawstudent I believe he is entitled to the replacement cost of a new Corallo Rossa suit and perhaps even three times that amount. He agreed to give them ~$700 and they agreed to provide a Corallo Rossa suit in a given size. They didn't, so he would have to go pay retail to get his Corallo Rossa suit that they agreed to provide him. This analysis is awesome. Do this on the bar exam, and you pass with flying colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by HappyCamper Why no answer for my PM?? No TIE for you!!
Black panthers are totally cool and very unique and meaningful. You don't see those every day.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan When it comes down to it, the OneShoe isn't an absolute OneShoe--it's really the concept and approach behind it that distinguishes. And of course, because came up with it. I'm thinking of doing the OneBoxer. Literally, one. Should be good for a 7-day cycle, particularly in the cooler weather.
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera And then Nick Foulkes arrived. The close up of the necklace was a complete waste of video.
Nice house Whnay.
Ed knows he's a tease.
Well, you're on SF where people want $2000 suits for $400. What are you going to expect?
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