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Love the suede. Handsome shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kslim Former barista from Starbucks here. I want to share a funny story of mine: I was at the register ringing up customers while my female coworker was at the bar making drinks. A gay couple were up next and were deciding what they wanted to drink. I offered them suggestions such as white mochas, hot chocolates, etc. One guy asks me, "What's your name? How come you guys don't wear name tags?" Me:"Sorry, no name tags. So...
^^Now that's a great fitting jacket, Ranger. Spot on.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan You can wonder about whatever you like. I'm just letting you know you're waisting your time. This all would have been moot vis-a-vis Whnay's non-response to the original question, but I'm glad we've been able to arouse you into posting again simply so that you can create an argument where none ever existed. You certainly have a knack for that, if anything.
...n/m. Carry on.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Clearly there is a gulf between what I and you look for in a suit. I have never been unclear about the details I care about, and which I think should matter more than others. In that light, I think it's ridiculous to spend more than two moments scrutinizing the placement of a non-hole when most commentary on this forum reduces to: "Did you ask for a slim fit? Oh, and your armholes aren't high...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Maybe there's some history here between Trini and the iGent Rubi Mafia I don't know about, but I love the suit, and I'm still curious as to why those two buttonholes are closer together. Maybe it's a small, inconsequential error, and maybe you just don't know why it was made that way. Either way, no reason to be a dick about it. He's not. We are not allowed to discuss marginal details since no one on SF...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Oh jeezus. The buttons are probably just shifted a bit. They tend not to stay in perfect place. Whatever dude. It's quite clear you only see what you want to see. I'm not saying it looks bad or attacking your beloved R. Look at the spacing of the button holes themselves. It is clear that the button hole is sewn in a manner so the top and adjacent buttons overlap slightly - whether intentional or not is...
^^I don't know how the heck you were able to pull those up so quickly (and mine them from WAYWRN), but most are very good examples.
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