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Stand at a table or work bench. Place newspaper or mat. I don't polish more than 3 pairs at a time usually. Should only take a few minutes each to brush and apply polish. walk away for 15-30 minutes and watch TV or go have a beer, come back, brush and buff. Viola.
Unless you have a true three button, you can't button the top button if the roll of the lapel is to between the top and 2nd button (i.e., 2.5), and to a much lesser extent the roll is to the 2nd button, without making it look horrible. You're basically forcing a button point that was not intended. Just check the GILT models for their suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by emfader Thank you for the advice guys, I will surely get some good new stuff now. But what about gloves to avoid scratches on my hand? What, are you a chick or a hand model? Be a man and get some calluses on your hands, cupcake.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey The "one shoe" (if you buy into it) is the Alden #8 cordovan longwing. Oh come on. This is true if you are Foo. If you had to have a one true shoe, it would be a dark brown or oxblood captoe oxford (e.g., G&G St. James). I don't see how a clunkly longwing derby is going to serve you in more formal occasions.
Can you use a cucumber or eggplant instead of a banana?
Sweet scarves. I must resist...must.
I am voting for TC simply because he has nicer locks.
That, and I think it is the case that many buyers would rather wait for multiple "price drops" before pulling the trigger.
If Foo and his wife can walk around Napoli for a vacation, I'm sure you'll be fine, cupcake.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Or about the Australian who drank pee and was universally ignored for a few months before he realized it. Yes, that Shoo-ie on FNB is a number one A-hole. He's demonstrated time and time again he knows nothing. Bet he was raised in the Outback. Speaking of Outback - just went to Outback Steakhouse the other week for the first time in about 10 years. Place is actually pretty good.
New Posts  All Forums: