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I'm pretty sure metranger was being facetious.
Genuinely curious, what's the allure of these sports trainers? I'm guessing one either likes the design or not, either to one's stylistic taste or not, but I'm wondering if there's something else that makes people go crazy about them. Is it the gumsole? Are they super comfortable? Is it seen as a really versatile shoe?
In my experience, I would typically size down for a bomber style. If you're a 54 jacket, a 52 would likely work better, even more particularly if it's a raglan sleeve. My 0.02.
What sort of tailoring do you have done to the Zegna jackets? From the ones I have seen on you, the midsection is not flattering and seems to lack a tailored fit/shape. You don't strike me as someone who is particularly out of shape or big in the midsection, but your jackets give off a bulbous appearance. I think part of it is the buttoning points seem to be a bit high on these jackets. While I'm not entirely convinced it is the camera angle, perhaps the appearance of fit...
^^Looking good, Greg. Damn I wish I could dress like that in CA. It's been 75-80 degrees the last month or so. =/
No way to lengthen them. If your toes were hitting the front of the toe box from the get go, then I'm guessing the shoes were 1/2 size too small. Taking a full size down from the UK size is generally good advice, but it really depends on the maker and your foot. I had a similar issue with some leather loafers where I sized down 1/2 based on SF recs. I tried stretching them - actually went out and bought a shoe stretcher at Target - didn't work. Toes were still hitting the...
Like seeing how the clothes translate from the drawings.
I definitely wear it unbottoned for maximum sexiness.
The Lupos are letter-sized. But pullovers and dress shirts seem to be dress shirt/number sized. Wish I knew about this one when it was available, I dig it. I got a later linen version. After having the sides tailored, I need help from the gf taking it off. Getting it on by myself is a muscle-straining challenge.
What's great/unqiue about the Lupos is the one piece collar that holds a great shape and button sleeve cuffs. I also like the slim fit, although I think the length on earlier versions are a bit on the long side. Looks great casually or under a sport coat.
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