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Nice. Are the sleeves particularly slim? Would you be able to fit a heavy sweater or suit jacket underneath? But being from LA, I'm guessing you wouldn't be doing that often...
@Epaulet Any plans to restock additional sizes of the Alden natural chromexcel Indy Boot with Commando Sole? In particular I'm looking for a 10.5D. Thanks!
Generally what's the measurement of the front rise Ambrosi uses on his trousers? Particularly those who request a higher rise or wear their pants with braces?
That's when you tell them you were in yesterday and so and so was helping you. Up to the ringing associate I guess if they credit the original sales guy. At least you tried.
Are Brooks' Peal and Co. shoes sized in US or UK sizing on the website? Was interested in these: Chukkas, but only if I can kop on significant discount. Anyone familiar with the shape of the toe? Kind of dumb they don't have an overhead shot, just a shot of the bottom of the sole.
Sizing down is your best bet. In my experience, you can still layer pretty well underneath it, including over another jacket or a heavy sweater, but could get a bit snug.
Confirming that NR Moscow jacket is pure awesomeness. I picked up the black one in a size L and, unfortunately, have found it fits a size too big. Anyone have an M (in any color) they may want to swap or otherwise return (but can't)? I'll gladly take it off your hands directly. Let me know!
It's a nice basic sweater. I have something similar and tend not to button the 1 or 2 bottom buttons if I'm not wearing it open.
That's what I end up doing. I'm so Italianate.
Thanks buddy. That's helpful.
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