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I am a solid 11D as well. If you got med width feet, I would advise on the 44 in F last. Even 44.5 would be too big.
For Eidos - can someone explain the different cuts that are available for SCs/suits and describe the fit (or please point me to some helpful posts on the topic)? I see there is the Lorenzo model. What are the others?
115,779 + 50 = 115,829
So do you really still want the Valstar Field Jacket?
Don't know if it will fit me right, but thanks! And I hear it is really really heavy. Haha.
You get it? Man, like you need more stuff. Give me a heads up when you return it (like that worked out well this last time). Are you regularly a size 50 or 52? Greg said a 52 fit better for him, and I know I'm a size down from him...
Trying to get a 50 is like going to Wal-Mart on Black Friday. I'm typically a 52, but sounds like i'm a 50 in Valstar. Thought I had an advantage because someone told me they returned it, and I suspected it would be back online today or tomorrow, so I was refreshing the NMWA page every 15 minutes this morning - except when I had a freakin' meeting. Of all times right?
No kidding. At least I got free lasagna. Famous last words: "What are the chances that jacket will be processed and put back online for the hour I'm out...not going to happen."
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