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I got this in the heavy boiled wool NMWA version and agree that it has extended shoulders. The heavy wool helps maintain a more structured look. I believe the Nordstrom version is a lighter wool blend so it provides a softer, less structured look to the shoulders, similar to the field jacket. So that's the effect I'm seeing with this jacket. It's a great jacket. Enjoy it.
Nice kop. You don't feel the shoulders are too wide on you?
Interesting. Looks like I might be having the same issue with the low straights (Brooks wash) I bought. In your experience, do these washed denim stretch any noticeable amount?I've never had the waist of denim taken in before - have any of you done that with with success?
Sizing question for those who wear both Low Straights and Slim Fit Jeans - do you tend to take the same size in both styles? I like the low straights for the slightly higher rise and leg opening, but if I take the same size in the Low Straights as the slim fits (32), the LS are noticeably looser in the legs/upper block and waist (I can slide them down my legs with a good tug). I tried sizing down to 31 in the Low Straights, but they're really snug and end up fitting like...
Reunited...and it feels so good...
Thanks. I like AS. Well-made shoes. Assuming these boots don't look like plastic in real life, then $450 is a fair price (retail is not). $350 would have been better!
I bought the pebble chukkas. Was 30% off with 15% kicker. Plus I bought the gift certificates so there was some additional savings there. Hope they're what I'm looking for. Anyone know what C&J quality they are? Somewhere between bench and hand grade?
Great, someone else I need to compete with on sizes!
Just wished the pockets of the NR Moscow were lined in the wool shearling or other lining. Hard to believe a warm pocket lining was a detail seemingly overlooked. I don't always have gloves on me.
I'm guessing (and hoping) this would be followed by an additional stackable coupon on the 26th...
New Posts  All Forums: