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What's great/unqiue about the Lupos is the one piece collar that holds a great shape and button sleeve cuffs. I also like the slim fit, although I think the length on earlier versions are a bit on the long side. Looks great casually or under a sport coat.
It will be mine then! Will have to put the 3rd FJ on hold for now...But thanks for indulging our impulses.
Awesome. Maybe I'll have to wait. To clarify - the Lookbook color is sage wool? Looks grey to my eye - is there a greenish hue in there?
Totally makes sense. Seems like the grey is getting the most votes. I'm gravitating toward beige, particularly of the pattern. But maybe I should ask - what I really have my eye on is the Eidos asymmetrical overcoat from the A/W Lookbook. Do you intend on carrying that?
Debating between the Brown & beige large herringbone or the Grey melange herringbone field jacket. If you already have a FJ in green puppy houndstooth and one in navy, the Hunting Jacket in brown boiled wool, a SS Thinner jacket in beige and a POW DB Norwegian Rain jacket on the way, which of the two would you choose (brown/beige vs. grey melange)? As I write this post, I am realizing I have a problem and don't need anymore outerwear and should just get off of SF for a few...
Question about the brown-beige large herringbone - will this make up be the same as the bottom overcoat pic with the high contrasting dark brown and light brown or are these different fabrics and the contrast of brown-beige is more subdued as it appears in the swatch? For a lack of a better description, it looks like the swatch has a soft corduroy feel to it. Is that fairly accurate?
death by a thousand questions.
I got it, and the boiled wool is a fantastic, heavy substantial material with great fuzzy texture. Overall, because of the thickness of the wool, it has a structured fit and the collar stands up great (doesn't flop around like the field jacket collar). And I love the huge pockets. You can throw a bunch of stuff in there, and because of the weight of material, the pockets don't bulge noticeably. Brown vs. navy, I think is a personal choice in terms of what you currently...
The Raphael looks great in Taupe. A couple of questions - (i) is the interior of the body lined with anything and (ii) for the horizontal stitching near the waistline, is that decorative, or is there something there that would allow you to cinch the waist?
I do no socks and comfortable with that for hours.
New Posts  All Forums: