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Why is that? Didn't do well at the other locations?They really need to update their website.
just hang dry. try woolite for darks in gentle cycle. these shirts are going to fade. fact of life. dont not wear because youre afraid they will. gives you a reason to get more later on.
If no one ends up trading, don't feel bad. I picked up the HJ in the brown heavy wool (RTW). It's an awesome, versatile jacket in cold weather. Very warm and has a great structure to it. Plus side, you spent over a thousand less on a fantastic piece.
How does Orcival sizing work? Are these shirts cut slim or are they boxy? Go with regular size?
I think iGent is used derogatorily these days.
Looking good. What size did you pick up? What size do you take in other jeans such as Big John, RRL, APCs?
I'm pretty sure metranger was being facetious.
Genuinely curious, what's the allure of these sports trainers? I'm guessing one either likes the design or not, either to one's stylistic taste or not, but I'm wondering if there's something else that makes people go crazy about them. Is it the gumsole? Are they super comfortable? Is it seen as a really versatile shoe?
In my experience, I would typically size down for a bomber style. If you're a 54 jacket, a 52 would likely work better, even more particularly if it's a raglan sleeve. My 0.02.
What sort of tailoring do you have done to the Zegna jackets? From the ones I have seen on you, the midsection is not flattering and seems to lack a tailored fit/shape. You don't strike me as someone who is particularly out of shape or big in the midsection, but your jackets give off a bulbous appearance. I think part of it is the buttoning points seem to be a bit high on these jackets. While I'm not entirely convinced it is the camera angle, perhaps the appearance of fit...
New Posts  All Forums: