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Are there any other old-schoolers who see Pedaled and think of our long-lost forum poster Jose Pidal and his epic threads? You know, as in you got Pidaled? On a more related note, anyone pick up the Calabrese briefcase? Thinking about it, but would appreciate any thoughts on it. Feel free to PM me about it. Thanks.
60,448 + 52 = 60,500
60,288 + 40 = 60,328
59,625 + 40 = 59,665
Would it be possible to get the La Portegna leather card holder in a racing green colored leather?
Adding 50 from yesterday. 57,600 + 50 = 57,650.
Pics, or it ain't true.And thanks for the response E.
Any of the sweaters available in V-necks? Haven't been able to warm up to crew neck sweaters given my sexy neck line.
Must got a beastly back. Lemme add to this: 56,379 + 55 = 56, 434
Ok. I'm jealous. How many sets is it taking you fools to crank out 100+ pull ups in a work out? Then I see numbers like 300...
New Posts  All Forums: