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Reunited...and it feels so good...
Thanks. I like AS. Well-made shoes. Assuming these boots don't look like plastic in real life, then $450 is a fair price (retail is not). $350 would have been better!
I bought the pebble chukkas. Was 30% off with 15% kicker. Plus I bought the gift certificates so there was some additional savings there. Hope they're what I'm looking for. Anyone know what C&J quality they are? Somewhere between bench and hand grade?
Great, someone else I need to compete with on sizes!
Just wished the pockets of the NR Moscow were lined in the wool shearling or other lining. Hard to believe a warm pocket lining was a detail seemingly overlooked. I don't always have gloves on me.
I'm guessing (and hoping) this would be followed by an additional stackable coupon on the 26th...
Received my correct size in the Norwegian Rain Moscow, and just need to say it is one of the most balling things I've gotten from NMWA. And props to Greg and Kyle for the fantastic customer service as usual. They've always been so accommodating and responsive. Can't wait to wear that coat.
I think it depends how you want particular pants to fit and the look you're going for. I'm a huge fan of side tabs and much prefer them to wearing belts. Slowly I'm replacing my belted odd trousers with trousers with side tabs.
Realizing rise length is relative, when you guys say "high," is this in relation to the current trend of low rise pants (in the 8.5" - 9.5" range), with anything above that "high"? I guess I tend to equate high rise to those you wear with braces and can really hike up to your belly button and still have decent amount of crotch clearance. I find even a 11.5" front rise (while I can get close around my belly button, also starts to give some nut hugging action, particularly...
Wait, you didn't buy a tie, but you've read through this thread, kept updated, and formally give the communications for this project a 5 of 10?
New Posts  All Forums: