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^damn thought I was. Thx
Anyone know when it is?
That Eidos DB brown corduroy is pure sechs. What model is the jacket? Is the drop a 6 inch one? I want to try it, but for most Eidos SCs I've tried, I have a divot problem below the sleevehead. Sleeves may be too tight.
...do they make-a zee pents?
Really? A bespoke suit can easily cost $2500 and up. $1000 alone can be attributed to the cost of the pants. Not sure why bespoke odd trousers costing $1000 is that amazing.
Since you can cinch the waist, I agree you should try the 52. The 50 just looks too snug all over and that's probably accentuating the way the shoulders might appear to overhang a bit in the pic. Even if the shoulders of the 52 are wider than you're used to, overall it may just fit and hang better on your frame.
@Steel28, what size in the RG did you pick up?
I'm no expert but thinking a tech bubble will burst and send real estate prices in SF falling within a couple of years is unrealistic. I hope your friend is right. But I'd put money that's he's not.
Haha. Felt the same way. Mainly because it was no longer available. Although I'm digging that rust color. Beats all the navys and greys that fill my closet.
Nah. This is fairly typical. Look at the Eidos make up for an example.These are awesome trousers, and look forward to Epaulet's offering. But I'll stress - for my own interest - the necessity of side tabs. I tend to like a looser fit in my waist while I'm sitting in front of my desk most of the day, but snug when I stand up. That's why I prefer side tabs even over belted.
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