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+25 = 16,575
I think it depends what you already have in your shoe rotation. I think the plain toe models in black (i.e., Becketts, Cooper and Garnier) would be best for a groom wearing a suit or tux. But they are slightly more formal than the captoe models. Post wedding, you might get more mileage out of a captoe, since it seems to be less formal. But if your style of dress doesn't call for black dress shoes much anyway, then I think either a black plain toe or captoe will be your...
Ride or Die!!
Such a tease!
Oh you mean like Trunk Club, but actually nice stuff.
1725 + 30 = 1755
Sexy color combo. Me likey.
He one ugly muthafucka tho
Or, you take your own pictures and don't have to worry about licensing issues at all. Although, you'll want the appropriate "model" releases.
^^^And we haven't even seen the shoes!
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