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There going to be another MTO for the Eidos Field Coat in the near future?
What size did you take Newc? Are you a typically a 40 or 42 jacket?
So he should order a final sale item not knowing his size and put a query in the gift message field? don't understand this advice. And yes knowing the dimensions of a scarf is a fair question.
Same boat. I'm feeling they are 1/2 size big at most so I can live with that rather sizing full size down to 43. Not a fan of the concept of breaking shoes in till they fit, particularly if they are a half size off. Never worked for me. Try it and let me know how it goes!
Mostly same experience here, although I'm 5'10. Size down length for FC was fine and sleeves a bit long.
Apparently, so is Parker, Urban Comp., PSG, and a number of others. To be fair, it's only four people who know these things in the Bay Area.
While maybe exacerbated in the photo, the way the sleeves hang is an issue. They do not fall cleanly at all.
Sorry to hear. I def had to take a size down in the field coat. 42 in Eidos suiting and a 40 in the FC with room to layer a thick SNS Herning sweater underneath, but cinching the waist slims it nicely (two sizes down would have been too tight). What fabric did you order?
This is soo cool. It's like douchebag central! But we do like the pics. Keep em coming!
I'm not sure if it really goes by another name. I couldn't find it on the Interwebz either. I was informed based on how late it came in the season there wouldn't be enough time for another make up. Although I haven't handled the Valstar, I like the Eidos field coat better.
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